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Thank you Brad..🙏❤️
Comment from : Nazim

Ali AR
من كربلاء
ثورة العراق

Comment from : Ali AR

G kilsetup
i own 1mil IQD, good?
Comment from : G kilsetup

76 Capayam
Comment from : 76 Capayam

leachristin stout
Comment from : leachristin stout

Defense Sec Esper go on surprise visit to Announce it's time to secure our🛢interests in Iraq & read the Iranians their rights? 😱

You have the right to GTFO.
ASAP.. If not, that's yo- ASS! 😠

Comment from : ZNEOPEC

Deploy 1000 US troops to protect US interests in Iraq?👍🛢💸Goodbye PM Mahdi👋⌚Time to kick Iranians out, Secure the OIL & RV the Iraqi Dinar (Gold QFS)💰Trump foretold?😱YT Search:Trump control Iraq OIL🕊
Comment from : ZNEOPEC

Dan Faller
Lindsey Graham, good or bad ?
Comment from : Dan Faller

Cody Bandy
citizens want the GOI and CBI to active all demands but all their getting is talking and no action GOI and CBI has been doing the same thing for many years they say were are going to get article 140 done oil and gas law finish forming the government active private sector open up files of corrruption turn on international atm give out small notes and coins international mastercards also visa and they never do anything a few days ago GOI said all the demands will be given to citizens now that should include reforms and purchasing power will see what they do this week I would be very surprised if anything important gets done
Comment from : Cody Bandy

kay manning
May Jesus Christ Bless you all
Comment from : kay manning

My Textured Family
Rolling out updates!
Thanks Brad! 🙌🏼 another great video!

Comment from : My Textured Family

Tina Chavez
God knows we are not a perfect people and that HE is the ONLY ONE who knows what is TRULY in our heart and soul.
Comment from : Tina Chavez

Darrion Tunstall
Great update!!
Comment from : Darrion Tunstall

jon simpson
Your just a truly good guy
Comment from : jon simpson

Eric K
Does anyone have an opinion on trusts unlimited??
Comment from : Eric K

Eric K
Thanks Vital!!
Comment from : Eric K

Don B
At the current rate for the IQD the minimum monthly payments are peanuts. Without a RI how can anyone live on a little more than $100. Per month? Not like they live in a lush environment where they can pick their food right off the trees.. wouldn't they have to RI just to give them enough to live on? As for the spiritual promise, I too believe but why is it that all the world worships on a different day than He commanded? I know Scripture states that the beast power would "think to change times and laws" to my understanding the only law that has anything to do with time is the 4th commandment, or the 7th day Sabbath. We know much of the world even calls Saturday "Sabbot or Sabbido" or some other form in their language for Sabbath. So if we are to ovay Gods commandments, wouldn't that have to be one of them? I mean, can a person declare another day is as good as the one God said is holy?
Comment from : Don B

Neal Parler
Thanks Brad!
Comment from : Neal Parler

Spiderdudejake Rojas
How's your grounding mat working out for you?
Comment from : Spiderdudejake Rojas

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