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123 GO!
April Fool's Day is coming up! Are you ready? Check out these funny pranks!
Comment from : 123 GO!

Salome Azurdia
This is funny because I love you guys videos and also has your pranks and your story are kind of funny there are really really funny and I really want to say to you guys this is this is the best thing like the other one I said I’m tiny and you guys are a big thing for me and I’m a small thing for you guys and yeah that’s what I say always that’s what I always say when you guys are big but I’m sorry I always say you guys are a big thing for me and you know I am a little thing for you that’s what I always say do you know that’s what I say right now don’t forget about it OK this is really really really really
Comment from : Salome Azurdia

Oluwadarasimi Akinwumi
123 Go! Gold
Comment from : Oluwadarasimi Akinwumi

mommy kei and psyle
Comment from : mommy kei and psyle

Dóri & Móni
123 go have 123k likes xd
Comment from : Dóri & Móni

janua Mendoza
I don’t like to prank somebody
Comment from : janua Mendoza

Abbilynn Payne
The slipper was on the Halloween pranks
Comment from : Abbilynn Payne

Audrey Nathanya
Vickie so fun🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Audrey Nathanya

Maria Luz Aboloc
Comment from : Maria Luz Aboloc

Katie Alivia
The first prank someone could really get hurt...
Comment from : Katie Alivia

PC Remi
I saw this at other video
Comment from : PC Remi

Gwang Woo Park
Comment from : Gwang Woo Park

Haileygacha playz
Comment from : Haileygacha playz

Catherine McArdle
This is is fake it's for like 7 and 6 year olds like if agree with me.
Comment from : Catherine McArdle

kayla ramos
123 go best
Comment from : kayla ramos

kayla ramos
Yes, love 123 go
Comment from : kayla ramos

tasneem morphoise
O my God she just eat the mayonnaise with the cake
Comment from : tasneem morphoise

Jansen Gacha’s
Mad beacause she was late beacause on traffic still pranks her
Comment from : Jansen Gacha’s

Kaden Boncan17
Thanks for hoping us to be happy in april fools day
Comment from : Kaden Boncan17

Gacha Girl
“Oh here comes Heli!” “Make sure to hide the mayonnaise where she can’t see it!” “Hides behind pillow obviously seen.”
Comment from : Gacha Girl

shanu sunil
I am youre fan.I love this❤❤❤💗💗🔥🔥🔥💋💋🔥💋💋🔥
Miss you so much!

Comment from : shanu sunil

Mamatha Puttappa
Comment from : Mamatha Puttappa

ĕřŕóř fòùñď
1:17 why arent i going NOOOOOO


Comment from : ĕřŕóř fòùñď

Are Vicky and Haley roomates?

Ella Fonseca
I subscribed
Comment from : Ella Fonseca

Ella Fonseca
Funny with the spider
Comment from : Ella Fonseca

Fatchur Rohim
123 go! Indonesia
Comment from : Fatchur Rohim

Joyce Bilbao
Comment from : Joyce Bilbao

J and Crew
Who thinks these are funny

Comment from : J and Crew

0:35 ‐ 0:50 is this asmr?
Comment from : EREN'S WORLD

Jovena Magdaong
Comment from : Jovena Magdaong

Curvy killa *ebonae* hodges
I have.the same iPhone. As. Kelly
Comment from : Curvy killa *ebonae* hodges

Taniya Smith
She hit her with a broom because she thought you was a real spider
Comment from : Taniya Smith

justin edward
Oh baby
Comment from : justin edward

I love you Vicky
Comment from : JodyG

Ben Pogoy
One of Wengies pranks
Comment from : Ben Pogoy

Margarita Bermeo-Cunha
Comment from : Margarita Bermeo-Cunha

Donetria Green
You are so funny and I was not being like😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑not at all😁
Comment from : Donetria Green

Emily Redfern
Comment from : Emily Redfern

justin edward
Vicky I like the way you can get the free version baby❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕💕💕🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😘
Comment from : justin edward

Dodo Pop
نتتننون منوىى
Comment from : Dodo Pop

Cookie Ash
Comment from : Cookie Ash

Cookie Ash
Comment from : Cookie Ash

sumon cs
Hello 123 go l love your videos 😀✨
Comment from : sumon cs

Hikaru YEE
Make this blue if u love 123 go!

Comment from : Hikaru YEE

Hikaru YEE
Comment from : Hikaru YEE

Carla Pommering
1 video that they made whats a girl gotta do to get some plusheies 2 video what’s a girl gotta do to get some toilet paper ALL OF THERE VIDEOS THEY SAY WHATS A GIRL GOTTA DO TO GET SOMTHING
Comment from : Carla Pommering

Mamuani 76
This days is my babe b.day
Comment from : Mamuani 76

Joe Glenn
So cringe. First prank could've killed her, and the straw in the drink one? EWW! Absolutely disgusting.
Comment from : Joe Glenn

Devyne James
Comment from : Devyne James

mya archuketa
I pranked my mom with the spider when she was going to the bathroom lol
Comment from : mya archuketa

Abhay Kalsi
helly you were looking so cute in 1:31
Comment from : Abhay Kalsi

Tanvi Desai #love hp
What did Vicky really finish the ketchup bottle
Comment from : Tanvi Desai #love hp

Yeimy Montoya
Also who grabs the toilet paper when their is a spider?😑😑

Love you vid

Comment from : Yeimy Montoya

Yeimy Montoya
I laughed so hard when Heli hit Vicky with the broom!😂😂😂

Like if you love Troom Troom comment if you like 123 go

Comment from : Yeimy Montoya

rgallegos Gallegos Sanchez
own time I did it
Comment from : rgallegos Gallegos Sanchez

Chinni Love U
Super love u all
Comment from : Chinni Love U

Banana The Joe
Cooler Kanal kommt auch auf meine Seite.Der BananaJoe
Comment from : Banana The Joe

MM - 03PM - Walnut Grove PS (1416)
Comment from : MM - 03PM - Walnut Grove PS (1416)

Chichi Tuna
Don't try this at home
Comment from : Chichi Tuna

adara nuha harahap
Wow amazing good
Comment from : adara nuha harahap

john thomas
Vicky is so sweet and beautiful
Comment from : john thomas

Gerty Opperman
i am 11 but my name is Amy
Comment from : Gerty Opperman

Lola Stevens
In the pastry one it as so funny u just gently STAB it hahaha😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Lola Stevens

Lola Stevens
Woop woop April fools
Comment from : Lola Stevens

Music Series
Whoever like Helly and Vicky please like and share and comment 👇👇☺️
Comment from : Music Series

Ava Abcede
Roses are red violets are blue I think 123 go! Are the Queen's/King's of youtube
Comment from : Ava Abcede

Nursima Balcı
Healy l love you and micky
Comment from : Nursima Balcı

Michael Wright
hi iLove
Comment from : Michael Wright

Leah Sharabi
My Birthday is in November
Comment from : Leah Sharabi

Leah Sharabi
Comment from : Leah Sharabi

Shadene Rhoden
I love these prank I did some on sister
Comment from : Shadene Rhoden

Eslime Green
Anyone notice that it said march 20 on Hellys phone and april fools is April 1
Comment from : Eslime Green

Chylai Thompson
Thankyou for giving some hilarious pranks for april fools
Comment from : Chylai Thompson

Comment from : LION'S DEN ENT.

Thomas Bussey
Wow like someone will fall for that
Comment from : Thomas Bussey

Akbor Ali
Comment from : Akbor Ali

Jorge Leon
These videos is funny
Comment from : Jorge Leon

Aya Hachem
Don’t try the first prank because the glass will break and hit the person.
Comment from : Aya Hachem

kawaii swirl
I tried the Double sided tape slipper prank
Comment from : kawaii swirl

Saleha Begum
Comment from : Saleha Begum

Alyssa Chitsamba
I. Your. Funny. video ,s
Comment from : Alyssa Chitsamba

Jumana Chiplunkar
I am born in April I am not a fool
Comment from : Jumana Chiplunkar

Augustin Idiana
Comment from : Augustin Idiana

Christian James Lazaga
it so funny
Comment from : Christian James Lazaga

Christian James Lazaga
Comment from : Christian James Lazaga

Angelina Bernadette
Comment from : Angelina Bernadette

Kell Reck
Funny helly and Vicky.
Comment from : Kell Reck

Kingsley White
Why did you get rid of Halley
Comment from : Kingsley White

Jenien Vernon
Love you 123go all of you are a princess
Comment from : Jenien Vernon

Aryam Rivera
Haha that’s funny I might prank my brother on April fools
Comment from : Aryam Rivera

Desire Hawthorne
Love you too 😍😍😍😍😍
Comment from : Desire Hawthorne

Ubah Elmi
I love your videos 😻
Comment from : Ubah Elmi

Aurora Borealis
Comment from : Aurora Borealis

Ludvig Lissner
Comment from : Ludvig Lissner

Darren Wall
Watch and subscribe to my channel
Comment from : Darren Wall

Alexis Favel
Lol hahaha
Comment from : Alexis Favel

Saurav Kumar
Comment from : Saurav Kumar

Keillen  Alicia Gunawan
Is this for kids?
Comment from : Keillen Alicia Gunawan

Ronny Chotoe
😄😄😄😄😄😄 heel leuk de meisjes zyn heel leuk
Comment from : Ronny Chotoe

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