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Итоги конкурса детского евровидения 2012 года MPEG4
 Full HD 1080p — 1920х


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Comment from : valenpresh

Interesting new spin on the Elliott wave theory. Just as useless now as it was then, due to no trading edge, since it tries to pick tops and bottoms. It all looks good on the hindsight chart with the narrator cherry picking entries on the 15 min. chart. Professional retail trading takes experience and an edge over the market that you design and works specifically for your style of trading. It can't be black boxed for a "one size fits all' trading method. Not a slam on this video, just fact derived from years of experience.
Comment from : usta4070

Shiloh Novick
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Average Perch
Do this work with crypto also ? Thanks
Comment from : Average Perch

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Nc Cj
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michael white
so he buys at the high then sells at the low? help me understand a little more please?
Comment from : michael white

chris g7000

Comment from : chris g7000

Jerrell B
Thank you so much for this I will be reaching out to you about your classes
Comment from : Jerrell B

erick mwangi
i watch this everyday till its in my sub contious
Comment from : erick mwangi

Does this apply for trading stock and options as well?
Comment from : SimmerNote

Romahain Reid
how to set up your average price line?
Comment from : Romahain Reid

Comment from : AJ TRADES

Comment from : AJ TRADES

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Bo Wanngård
Thanks for the excellent video. When it comes to newbies I strongly recommend to stay away from CySek-licensed brokers. And check with your government's scam lists. #nevercyprus. #nevercysek. Experience talks...
Comment from : Bo Wanngård

Unite Mahaso
price action is the best, ICT, QML, SND talk to me, i have the best educational material.
Comment from : Unite Mahaso

Florence Felix
Thanks so much for this video, God bless you
Comment from : Florence Felix

Roy Uchefuna
Thank you! I love this lesson.
Comment from : Roy Uchefuna

Lead To Inspire
Bless you. 🙏🏾
Comment from : Lead To Inspire

Dominik Kaczmarek
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Jeff Hudson
As a beginner in the trading world, its really pertinent to involve top strategy and charts like those in this video.

The video is really amazing and a bed rock for your trading journey and also the guidance of an expert trader.

Comment from : Jeff Hudson

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Mary Jane
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Manou Desire
ho can i get this template
Comment from : Manou Desire

Manou Desire
okey good
Comment from : Manou Desire

joshua hunt
yo this really helped
Comment from : joshua hunt

Henry G
keep up the great content man!!!

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Gofarabe Tokichiro
How to spot the end of expansion pattern?
Comment from : Gofarabe Tokichiro

Shershah Vaz
Comment from : Shershah Vaz

Víctor G. Malásquez Solari
Thank you very much for this information. I'll try to apply it with all the information I've learned.
Comment from : Víctor G. Malásquez Solari

Wick Field
Forex trading is very profitable when you know the basics of trading and with the help of Mrs Michelle Philips I can brag that I have become a successful in forex trading , 15 won trades so far and just two losses, her strategy is very unique and profitable
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Forex Trades
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Shan Khan
I use a method similar to this.
1 is consolidation
2 banks create liquidity pool by making a trend
3 banks reverse trend and liquidates the trades
4 I enter opposite direction of liquidity pool.
Repeats everyday at secession start

Comment from : Shan Khan

Damian Pos
Market can not be belive driven since vast majority of volume is done by computers
Comment from : Damian Pos

Benjamin Muller
Nice video and good strategy I invest with mr pavil Conrad and he makes me $25k weekly. With his unique trading strategy so happy he let me be a part of his rope Earning platform.
Comment from : Benjamin Muller

Dodgecarl Incila
Sir, so to sum up:
Contraction phase is when volume is at its lowest(on average)
Expansion is when volume is starting to increase( until its peakest?)
Trend Phase comes in when volume starts to normalize?

Also, you choose your position just based on your direction bias? (higher time frame?)

Also, has this been tried on crypto?

I really appreciate this video

Comment from : Dodgecarl Incila

believe me
So how do you identify a contraction phase because everything else depends on it!
Comment from : believe me

Charles Mady
At the beginning of the video, you displayed a chart where each zone was labeled 1,2 or 3. I didn't see this feature on the ATS software. Is it available? Excellent work!
Comment from : Charles Mady

Olukunle ashaolu
This has to be one of the clearest, simple and straight to the point forex training video I have ever watched
Comment from : Olukunle ashaolu

CIS Imphal
One of the best educational you tube videos .Thanks
Comment from : CIS Imphal

Kaua Pereira Lima
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Fit & Fun
Proprietary Software in Meta Trader? You must be kidding me....I'v seen a lot, but that;s killing me internally.
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Kevin JusticeWarrior
One thing that throws a lot of traders off, are false breakouts. We won’t always get the perfect text-book scenario for our charting, false breaks do occur often – making a mess of our picture perfect idea of a trend line. To ‘filter out’ the fake-outs, I use something which I learnt from IQD Momentum strategy by Lukasz Wilhelm call the common denominator approach. The goal is to line up the common data points that create some obvious consistency, and just ‘makes sense’. Find out about these strategy on google, it's simple, easy and very profitable.
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Fernando Andrade
False guru
Comment from : Fernando Andrade

Christopher Nickerson
Very impressive video! Thank you!
Comment from : Christopher Nickerson

benward bruce
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The Pips Guy
Forex trading involves accepting wins and losses and most successful traders have recorded losses.
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Thulani Zuma
i just watched this video is very cool thanks alot mr
Comment from : Thulani Zuma

Ariel Ivanna
Even with the best strategies if you don’t look into risk management which is the Holy Grail of trading, you’ll be forced to leave the market with an empty account. That’s why I always advice to get a good mentor and reliable platform before starting off.
Comment from : Ariel Ivanna

Joe Diamond
Somebody make this an indicator
Comment from : Joe Diamond

Joe Diamond
What is the name of this study? Is it available on thinkorswim?
Comment from : Joe Diamond

Best tutorial video I have ever seen in youtube... thanks
Comment from : TECH AMAR

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Daniel D'Ottavio
At 29:00 in the right chart, where is phase 2 after the contraction zone? It seems like it skips directly from phase 1 to that massive drop phase 3. How can we identify when the market is going to "skip" phase 2 and when to place our bid in such events?
Comment from : Daniel D'Ottavio

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Jessica Lawrence
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Cuan Jalal
i using this pattern in my forex analysis...this pattern if u really understand will be killer entry..u can do for swinger or scalper...and more important is u will be know about trending of market...
Comment from : Cuan Jalal

Cheryl Brown
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Kuan-Yin Fang
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Serdar Yavuz
Or instead, just check the h4 time frame and if the price is going up, go to m15 and buy every dip.
Comment from : Serdar Yavuz

nagaratnam suthakaran
Thank you very much for your time and help. Thanks from Srilanka
Comment from : nagaratnam suthakaran

Juan Jose
newbie here, but doesn't Wyckoff theory say that compression aka accomulation is a series of little bounce because institutions (Market makers) are filling the warehouse doing little purchases on lows? before push?
Comment from : Juan Jose

Abdirizak Tarabi
it is the best rule you can learn this trade.
Comment from : Abdirizak Tarabi

Sarah Brown
Good information, adequate understand of trades pattern requires experience and skill.
Comment from : Sarah Brown

Gustavo Cornejo
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Comment from : rob paul

Thanks for your daily dedication, informative as always!!
Comment from : Guy

Haeryphot Yaacob
The chart is in what time frame.
Comment from : Haeryphot Yaacob

Ranie Dias
So... what is the indicator used where he could either the see the numbers (1,2,3) or where the different colored horizontal lines appeared on the Live Chart?
Comment from : Ranie Dias

I'm a radiation physics graduate so my mathematics is pretty strong, however I feel like you need to be some kind of Rainman to understand these patterns. I just don't see them...
Comment from : MrSweatyPants

Steve Quinn
Would this technique work with BTC?
Comment from : Steve Quinn

salman garaad ibraahim
In my experience, this is same and very close to what we call LONDON SESSION STRATEGY... Anyway thank you for your very clear and great information
Comment from : salman garaad ibraahim

Mr Green
Excellent. Thank you for the clear explanation, very helpful.
Comment from : Mr Green

Mathew AM
Its AMD = Acumulation-Manipulation-Distribution that pattern is a "JUDAS SWING." (Protraction Stage) in IPDA (Interbank Price Delivery Algorithm) Methode.
Comment from : Mathew AM

Alex Stalling
How can we earn better from every angle well this is a very tricky question
Comment from : Alex Stalling

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Comment from : TRADER MAN X

Does this also work on binary options?
Comment from : FREE TO BE

Happy Hour Cuisine Chef Lotto G.
bro I watch this video everyday for 2 weeks straight now. thank you Trade God
Comment from : Happy Hour Cuisine Chef Lotto G.

Stephen Bruce
this is a very cool video, but from my point of view the only 95% winning forex trading strategy is trading with the help of an expert trader like Mr William Beckford i receive 80-90% as profits on my investment in 9 - 15 days. T his is the best thing that have ever happened to me.
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cinematic comics channel
hi-i would like to get meta trader 4 to trade on but I do have a Mac.if this program is comparable for both Mac and a PC then is that safe as far as security?also-how much money is needed in your account top start trading.what is the minimum?there was also another trading program too that's popular but I forgot the name.is that on better of meta trader 4 do you feel is best?-I would love too get started and be able to download the software for it-if you could answer this I would greatly appreciate!_thanks!!!
Comment from : cinematic comics channel

Brad Henry
Do you offer the indicator that draws the contraction box and average price for sale??
Comment from : Brad Henry

Lien Tran
Hi, do you have anything similar to this one which is built for Futures market? Please advise. Thanks.
Comment from : Lien Tran

Iran Seda
Its try 95% winning?)
Comment from : Iran Seda

birds flying
Could you show how these 3 phases work in a real trade ? Thanks
Comment from : birds flying

Muttaqina Sanzida
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John Smith
im new to swing trading im retire now this is something I always wanted to learn when I retire I been learning on my own reading books and video's I have too say I understand a little more watching this video the basic going to put this in my strategy and see if it works do you have any video's for beginners to learn thanks
Comment from : John Smith

Dany Garcia
ICT (Inner Circle Trader)
Comment from : Dany Garcia

Larry Osh
I have to practice this rule. I like it. Pure and simple once you know it. I'm watching it again
Comment from : Larry Osh

Jehoseph Ophaniel
entry points understood but you spent few time explaining the exit ones. it seems that to the new ones in this technique will miss the adequate exit points
Comment from : Jehoseph Ophaniel

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