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Mak Patil
He is the CISCO RAMOON🌀⚡
Comment from : Mak Patil

Aaron Su
they should've said this was for a quiz and everybody would freak out
Comment from : Aaron Su

LZS_ Zebra
Im so dumb this made sense to me.
Comment from : LZS_ Zebra

Sayn Stan
In my class Teacher:😠
In this class Teacher:🤪

Comment from : Sayn Stan

What is that melody?!
Comment from : Aksel0206

Anime Gamer
yeh.. dont understand a thing
Comment from : Anime Gamer

Travis Dhonger
Not only prank but for me he is one the best..the coolest math teacher...the teacher is someone who we can hang out whole day and never be bored👍👍
Comment from : Travis Dhonger

I’m in the 6th grade
I have no idea wats going on

Comment from : BeetestYeestest

Amélie Lupien
This is the best teacher ever!
Comment from : Amélie Lupien

Hit Me With Your Car!
This happens a lot in math class but it's not a prank
Comment from : Hit Me With Your Car!

Sophia K
I’m being so serious, I think I’m actually understanding what sigma is based on this video.
Comment from : Sophia K

Fendy Fenus
"Clap If you're happy to be back"
Everyone claps*
Me: Seriously? They happy to school? Or just an April Fool?😂😂

Comment from : Fendy Fenus

Ava Spruill
Me: watches video

My face: ( ◠‿◠ )

My brain: ✌︎('ω'✌︎ ) ight ima head out

Comment from : Ava Spruill

Wolf Forlife
Physic and math will prank me my entire life....so i guess this kind of prank wont work on me....feel sorry for my teacher
Comment from : Wolf Forlife

victor oyowe
why cant we see the face of your students
Comment from : victor oyowe

Me: knows that this is an April Fools joke

Also me: tries to understand

Comment from : JIgGLe JugGLE 3

"I'm sooo lost!" Literally me in every subject.
Comment from : Daniella

Cho Shin Hyun
The best teachers nice.
Comment from : Cho Shin Hyun

I love how everybody is coughing
Comment from : _

“The next scene requires a sense of humor.” Don’t we all have that?
Comment from : DarkSans

Pulling the Strings
I actually understand this 😂😂
Comment from : Pulling the Strings

Pulling the Strings
These kids are scared for life 😂😂
Comment from : Pulling the Strings

MacKenzie Wright
Comment from : MacKenzie Wright

Cloudy Sensation
Notice how the kids in this class are good at math and asking a lot of questions? They became good at math by asking questions :> So even if u feel like you don't understand anything going on, always ask questions.
Comment from : Cloudy Sensation

Sasmit Vaidya
what if one oversmart guy said he understood everything
Comment from : Sasmit Vaidya

Don't Panic! At the Arctic Monkeys and Tøp concert
I would have to leave the room whilst this was happening
Comment from : Don't Panic! At the Arctic Monkeys and Tøp concert

Abdul Hannan Abdul Matheen

Comment from : Abdul Hannan Abdul Matheen

NuKe Electric
I love this
Comment from : NuKe Electric

Oli Rocket league
I've whached this 4 time trying to see if there is sence behind it lol
Comment from : Oli Rocket league

Steve Cook
So now we know who started commie Cor math
Comment from : Steve Cook

Cohen I
I feel bad for these people there classes are so small and the white boards. Our school is billions of dollars. We have Mac books and I live in Draper Utah
Comment from : Cohen I

Charlemaigne Escabarte
I love it when they treat their teacher like a friend
Comment from : Charlemaigne Escabarte

Hahaha, brilliant. Amazingly slow on the uptake though, some of these students :p
Comment from : Chuu

Connor Plays
Would’ve been better as sugma instead of sigma
Comment from : Connor Plays

Koleka Farmer
This is why young teachers are the best and not the grumpy 60 year old woman that just wants to quit and dont give a fuck about the students
Comment from : Koleka Farmer

If i was the girl pretending to understand. I would literally start saying the alphabet. 😁
Comment from : aLixE

Tim Wiliusa
This is how i
Comment from : Tim Wiliusa

where’s the prank
Comment from : Hussamisen

Josh Oviedo
my guy predicted the newest overwatch character
Comment from : Josh Oviedo

Anna DeWitt
“AI don’t know what A means, I don’t know what P means-“

Man, wait until you’re in High school. You’ll have to put them together

AP Classes

Comment from : Anna DeWitt

I had a math teacher like this. It was fun going to class.
Comment from : POOH Xi

Yours Truly
12:14 🤣🤣🤣
So good to be in on a joke😅🙌

Comment from : Yours Truly

FrostTetseo Zx
So interesting to be in American class ...
Comment from : FrostTetseo Zx

Chitresh Soni
I would still believe it's true.
Because for me math is already ILLOGICAL

Comment from : Chitresh Soni

Ms Mona
hahahhah omg!!! this is so funny!
Comment from : Ms Mona

How does that relate to the sum?
Comment from : Alt SPACE

I'm dying how they literally don't figure it out xDDDDDDD
Comment from : OwO-tism

Slanders Pete
The test isn't that hard...
The test: 12:09

Comment from : Slanders Pete

Reko Olekeno
Teacher: Look at the formula.

Someone: Foil!

Comment from : Reko Olekeno

Mykon PT
Teacher - Slope of this line is 4/3
Teacher - look at this formula where you have an equal sign as the denominator
Me - WTF

Comment from : Mykon PT

Mykon PT
This even tho its silly and not real it makes sence... you should add shit to it from the rest of the course... "where does n come from" i was thinking someone would say 'the inverse of the equation of a line after you integrate the x and y values"
Comment from : Mykon PT

Buh buh buh
Accidently creates time travel
Comment from : Buh buh buh

Teacher predicted overwatch character?
Comment from : Rustic_Dreams

Why do I understand this more then my actual math class
Comment from : Hello

Manuel elizondo
"look at the formula!!!!"

Comment from : Manuel elizondo

《Cactus Flower》
I represent the number 1 elementary school in America.

I am so confused dangit.

Comment from : 《Cactus Flower》

Absolutely nobody:
That one math nerd in every class: "oh ok I get it now"

Comment from : Sven

NyDat CoolGuy
And this, folks, was the secret formula to the Krabby Patty.
Do you think I can turn this to a big meme? Probably not, lol.

Comment from : NyDat CoolGuy

Anna K
These kids sound like me in math everyday
Comment from : Anna K

mysticalunicorn 13
How does no one notice the April Fool's formula 😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : mysticalunicorn 13

mysticalunicorn 13
The board by the end looks like a scene from a science fiction movie with just bits and pieces of nonsensical formulae on it xD
Comment from : mysticalunicorn 13

Project 94
absolutely brilliant so funny
Comment from : Project 94

Calm teacher who has a sense of humor and has a good teaching method.. wish I was there
Comment from : Puniee

Kookie Monster
This is evil 😂😂
Comment from : Kookie Monster

Agnes Adkins
I love how they cant see the camera
Comment from : Agnes Adkins

I felt that I was in the classroom with em for some reason lmao
Comment from : ZaXuUu II

M Almaadeed
On April it my birthday 1
Comment from : M Almaadeed

Expert Gaming
Its halloween not april fools..
Comment from : Expert Gaming

So basically they mind fucked the students that werent here
Comment from : shankz

Dear algebra
Dont tell us to solve ur problem ..solve ur problem with ur own..dont tell us to find ur X also ..she will not find and cant find and cant solve ur problem..dont tell Y

Comment from : ITS MAISH MOHAMED

Mafreal Istanto
I wish my teacher was that fun
Comment from : Mafreal Istanto

Neko Cat
wait so no one is gonna mention how that teacher (sort of?) decorated the topic name? like in my class we would have a harder time trying to figure out what the main topic says rather than the question lol.
Comment from : Neko Cat

PePa s ass
never heard sigma bug ik ligma
Comment from : PePa s ass

Kyle Coleman
I would've done something stupid like repeating limits, just to confuse them, and draw an Archimedes' spiral and they'd all be like, "What the frick is going on??"
Comment from : Kyle Coleman

Ajit Garg
What's funny is, i swear i would not have seen that formula goofed up as "AprilFools" if I was in that class too.

Flawless improvisation by the girl who made it more complicated.

One of the Best prank i have seen.

Comment from : Ajit Garg

The Amazing A
Even though I know it’s a prank and it’s not real I’m just here like “I am CoNFusiON”
Comment from : The Amazing A

Amazing, a class filled with people worth teaching.
Comment from : A T

The MLG Dorito
Government conspiracies
Comment from : The MLG Dorito

"Too many questions! Why are you all slow at understanding sigma" - teacher lol
Comment from : Walter

Glad to see these kids asking so many questions and not just following like it makes total sense.
Comment from : Walter

fckin hilarious mate! keep it up
Comment from : Xealz

Sophie Bushell
even though i know whats going on, why am i still confused and trying to make sense of it?
Comment from : Sophie Bushell

Melanie Martinez
And I oop- sksksksskksksksks
Comment from : Melanie Martinez

ErickGz Pro
To this day I thought this was really a formula
Comment from : ErickGz Pro

Trevor Solina
Exactly how I felt with math when I found out that someone decided that letters should get involved.
Comment from : Trevor Solina

Damian Patriot
Indians died 😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Damian Patriot

Rylee Townsend
All of algebra sounded like this for me
Comment from : Rylee Townsend

quince maxwell
no matter how much you teach we students forget everything by the time we head home because we everytime we change classes we forget everything in a subject when moving to another subject because there may be test and stuff and by the time school is over we just want to go home and get away from school to play games but in the end you forgot EVERYTHING.
Comment from : quince maxwell


More like


Comment from : kOYOU TRASH

12:08 This dude is a wholeass mood LMFAO
Comment from : Poke

Matthew Clarke
how do they not realize that 4/3 is a positive slope not a negative one loooool this is so stupid
The teacher realizes this "let me show you another formula"

Comment from : Matthew Clarke

Sims 3
I think that every math class is an april fool :(
Comment from : Sims 3

Jan Marffy Yamzon
i get math pretty easily but now i understand people that have a problem trying to learn math
Comment from : Jan Marffy Yamzon

Sir Key
with all honesty, if my teacher taught this, i would buy it
Comment from : Sir Key

Kerry Barber
Common core be like
Comment from : Kerry Barber

Skeleton Masher
If you don't know what the variable l is, it means sigma, but with an l at the start
Comment from : Skeleton Masher

iTech Everything
Comment from : iTech Everything

Georgedagamer 7
“Negative slope”

This is why I love math

Comment from : Georgedagamer 7

Malaya Panda
I just came here for the comments😂😂
Comment from : Malaya Panda

# Singhwarrior
this is how my math teacher normally explains things, I don't have a very good grade.
Comment from : # Singhwarrior

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