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Курс евро аэропорту MPEG4
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DOUBLE UPLOAD TOMORROW! 1 reacting video and 1 Fortnite... I don't know which one is going up first and what time exactly lol but be on the look out :D
Comment from : SSSniperWolf

Kylie Tidwell
i used to have a bird and when i came home from school on easter i did not know were my birds were, i thought my mom was joking when she said they were gone... It was easter not april fools. BTW i named my bird pickle, and my birds, died on easter wile i was at school.
Comment from : Kylie Tidwell

Ella Hullett
at 4:47 why does her fingers look so long...
Comment from : Ella Hullett

Louis Encalade
I watch the news and I'm nosie
Comment from : Louis Encalade

Republic of Kiki
I know where your going with NOT milk
This how manly PEPOLE unde stand

Comment from : Republic of Kiki

Yess_ Bunneh
My birthday IS April fools

You could say

I was a joke

Comment from : Yess_ Bunneh

Avery brown
is anyone watching in 2019 cough ME!!
Comment from : Avery brown

Elisabeth Guerrero
7:14 mood
Comment from : Elisabeth Guerrero

isabella mayer
the thing in the mailbox is a Demogorgon from Stranger Things
Comment from : isabella mayer

Kawewe :3
My teacher did the brownie thing and the class was disappointed lol
Comment from : Kawewe :3

Hi Its Meh
My 3rd grade teacher did the Brown Es
Comment from : Hi Its Meh

Girly Girl
On April 4 day in my old kindergarten class my teacher did the brown es trick and my friend cryd
Comment from : Girly Girl

Caitlyn Gibson
Me: puts Peppa pig on and puts tape on remote so nobody can change it

Comment from : Caitlyn Gibson

Allison York
Comment from : Allison York

6:07 AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *Shotgun fired* *the thing in heaven* and i oop
Comment from : Dipper12345XD

Ron Mash
I love the news and IM kid...
Comment from : Ron Mash

Ella Jenkins
"It goes boom" - lia
Comment from : Ella Jenkins

Morgan Woody
Broccoli is my favorite veggie
Comment from : Morgan Woody

NarwhalKraze YT
MY TEACHER DID THE BROWN E THING TO ME. My entire class rioted.
Comment from : NarwhalKraze YT

Madelynn Penner
My parents actually did the prank with the for sale sign in the yard... yeah...
Comment from : Madelynn Penner

Galaxy Defenders
6:04 what was that she had
Comment from : Galaxy Defenders

what is "raw blakolee" ?

did anybody else hear blakolee? no just me? okay

Comment from : Assassin8rKitty

Natalie Schmidt
I also love raw broccoli
Comment from : Natalie Schmidt

Lucy the Banana
I once got brow Es in 1st grade from my teacher then I ate the paper
Comment from : Lucy the Banana

susana ESTOQUE
I....like your channel😄
Comment from : susana ESTOQUE

susana ESTOQUE
Hey SSSNIPER WOLF i,m zia im 8yrs old
Comment from : susana ESTOQUE

Aubrey The Roblox Kitty
my Teacher did the brown es last year
Comment from : Aubrey The Roblox Kitty

Sophie Show
For the healthy treats u could like do this
Gives ice cream
“Thank u mommy”

Comment from : Sophie Show

Arlet Alvarez
My birthday is in April fools
Comment from : Arlet Alvarez

Siddhant Sharma
Where is yesica 😛😛😛😛
Comment from : Siddhant Sharma

Samantha Dominique
Who’s coming up birthday is coming up in my birthday is coming up my birthday is coming up my birthday is a little bit I’m gonna be lit my birthday is coming up yeah I’m a birthday coming🥳🥳🥳🤩🤩🤩😍
Comment from : Samantha Dominique

Maddox Mclellan
I'm going to try the die in sink prank
Comment from : Maddox Mclellan

Noi Thavone
5:04 i like broccoli
Comment from : Noi Thavone

Ella Hope
1:59 my 4th grade teacher did this to us (I'm in 9th now) and some girl actually cried 🤦‍♂️
Comment from : Ella Hope

rockstar freddyYT the channel
6:00 not really a prank. I tried this and it was gud :D
Comment from : rockstar freddyYT the channel

Tiny The Cat
dont worry, i just finished eating some raw, white mushrooms straight out of the pack

Comment from : Tiny The Cat

Xristianna Theo
I think the last one was the best and Eye Pad
Comment from : Xristianna Theo

I love raw broccoli🐺🐺
Comment from : SSGSSE Vegeta

Ellianne Holt
Hem I’m watching this Tuesday 22nd October 2019....
Comment from : Ellianne Holt

on april fools, my teacher pulled the brown-e's prank

i was so upset

Comment from : FibidustXOX

Yummy Disaster
Splooge "it doesn't have to be milk"
Comment from : Yummy Disaster

red lighting
The eye one
Comment from : red lighting

Hannah noelle Gatbonton
I will choose the jello in the pee cup and eat it at school
Comment from : Hannah noelle Gatbonton

The lil S.W.A.T
Im turning 10 on april 15 2019!:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Comment from : The lil S.W.A.T

Erik Meyers
That's a bearded dragon
Comment from : Erik Meyers

Kristina Kit kat
I wouldn't mind lays
(or whatever it's called) and finding doritos, I love doritos

Comment from : Kristina Kit kat

Sebastian Munoz
That face at 8:24
Comment from : Sebastian Munoz

Kayl Ayyy
Why do adults asume kids dont like vegetable I loovee bokchoy
Comment from : Kayl Ayyy

Cristabelle Lucas
In my kindergarten class one of my friends brought brown ‘s

Edit: I was heart ♥️ broken

Comment from : Cristabelle Lucas

Rainbow River
6:04 if someone gave me that I would have died I’m allergic to peaches
Comment from : Rainbow River

Zuhala Hussien
The grilled cheese would’ve made my day
Comment from : Zuhala Hussien

LuigiChamp Number 1
I would try all of them
Comment from : LuigiChamp Number 1

Camila Lopez
On the sundae of mashed potatoes and gravey I was eating and ice cream sundae and I saw the part and I just threw it away lol
Comment from : Camila Lopez

Helena Pedersen
At 5:03 i Started to die XD when yo started shouting lel
Comment from : Helena Pedersen

R Brown
My teacher actually did the brown E
Comment from : R Brown

Julisa Jaramillo
ME AND DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Julisa Jaramillo

Paige Krauss
Comment from : Paige Krauss

My soap.. is broken 🤔

Comment from : MissShylene

Yar Juach
My sis eat it to
Comment from : Yar Juach

Luara Furtado
Is your name lea
Comment from : Luara Furtado

Adam Hussain
Snniperwolf should be a commentator
Comment from : Adam Hussain

Rose Marie Casta
Hahaha 8:22
Comment from : Rose Marie Casta

Naja Soto
This is how many times sssnperwolf says billy
Comment from : Naja Soto

Taibah Albabtain
5:32 ha ha hear
Comment from : Taibah Albabtain

Brooklyn.99 Watson.
My dad always watches the news
Comment from : Brooklyn.99 Watson.

swimming goddess
I like brussel sprouts
Like if u don't
Comment if u do

Comment from : swimming goddess

My teacher did the brown e prank on the whole class I was so mad
Comment from : S M

wolf deveau
i am suspended UvU
Comment from : wolf deveau

NOT sleepy man
They did that to us in pre-k the teacher said I have some BROWNIES FOR THE HOLE CLASS
Comment from : NOT sleepy man

craig fleming
Gold and white
Comment from : craig fleming

Robert M. TUDOR
Thanks so much for the AMAZING pranks ,liked the video can you please please make video of Tomboy and Girly Girl test please i will share it promise LOVE YOU !!! Bye! : )
Comment from : Robert M. TUDOR

JoJoCray coolweirdo

You probably looked at that and though "WHAT THE HECK???"
No reason, I'm just bored

Comment from : JoJoCray coolweirdo

Wolfie Lit
6:08 good actor 😂
Comment from : Wolfie Lit

Ireland Nelson
One year my dad told me I was gonna get a shot and I cried
Comment from : Ireland Nelson

Bella Ramos
Wait your name is leah
Comment from : Bella Ramos

Katie Kitty
Oof someone took my idea with the pea cup thing, but I'm filling it up with yellow juice or clear yellow slime. - I got 2 because I went to the hospital and doctors,
Comment from : Katie Kitty

I love raw brockly
Comment from : Toothlady2015

wolfy loves food!
My classmate put yellow food coloring under the Fossett and she got Suspended lol
Comment from : wolfy loves food!

M_kay amazing
Who watching in 2020? Is there flying cars?
Comment from : M_kay amazing

Yona Yona
You can prank people by putting some for sale sign in your yard and they all think that you are selling your house
Comment from : Yona Yona

Yona Yona
Your dog the president what
Comment from : Yona Yona

Violet Elizabeth
My sister once took mushrooms, stuck them on wooden sticks, covered them in frosting and sprinkles, and gave them too us and we really thought they were cake pops....
Comment from : Violet Elizabeth

kittykat_time4 kjft
I didn't know her name was Leah ( don't know if I spelled it right sry)
Comment from : kittykat_time4 kjft

Matthew Londra
the dino in the mail box is caled a dilphosarous
Comment from : Matthew Londra

The last one
Comment from : WOLF&WOLF 09

AandSGaming YT
I like flat sprite
Comment from : AandSGaming YT

OMG I LOVE broccoli.
Just make sure to add lemon to it
Or at least give me some ranch

Comment from : Phenix_123

Sandy Loga
My teacher in third grade mad bown Es for her kids who are now in kindergarden cause im in 4th grade .
Comment from : Sandy Loga

Łüñå Wøłfÿ
It's the day my hamster died. (April fools)
Comment from : Łüñå Wøłfÿ

Ballora The Gamer
1 I just got up to do the bloody sink trick , even though its fall
2 . (recommended for tween girls only) watch your parents freak out!!! open the toilet lid and put a crap ton of food dye till it looks like blood, you already know , flush the toilet and wait for some action (tried it myself, my parents were mad!!!)

Comment from : Ballora The Gamer

Alex the wolf!
Comment from : Alex the wolf!

Carmen Ortega

Comment from : Carmen Ortega

Carmen Ortega
Tell the difference 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😃😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😃😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Comment from : Carmen Ortega

Aaralyn Banda
3:03 hOw dO yOu knOw me?!!?!!
has 17.1 Million subscribers
Me: I dunno

Comment from : Aaralyn Banda

Maria luz Perdomo
I like the last one
Comment from : Maria luz Perdomo

Mochi Mminaa
My dad also always watches the news and he is mad when I go on my phone😤
Comment from : Mochi Mminaa

Margie Esser
Olmst my Birthday:kid
Comment from : Margie Esser

Jodi Blakeslee
My dad died from cancer 😭😭😭😔
Comment from : Jodi Blakeslee

Sophie Pickering
The lizard was a bearded dragon
Comment from : Sophie Pickering

Sophia Avila
Your names Leah?
Comment from : Sophia Avila

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