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Туры экскурсионные по европе из спб MPEG4
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Ben Harrop
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Comment from : Ben Harrop

Dogaru Ciprian
Comment from : Dogaru Ciprian

mohsen oveisi
hi i recently discovered something that really helped me with forex trading , and i think everyone must check it out, cause it really is life changing . i hope it helps.
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Comment from : mohsen oveisi

Ghani E
easy lesson and fast result sometimes free lessons does not make up check these method for best result @t
Comment from : Ghani E

abdullah ayub
Very true its the truth
Comment from : abdullah ayub

My educators Kathy Kirkland and Raphael Spiller are crying laughing and wiping their tears with 6 figures. Lol.
Comment from : karateflix

Milo The Russian Blue
The title of this video is misleading and disheartening. You CAN make money in forex AND do it consistently. But you need to be disciplined.
Comment from : Milo The Russian Blue

Magnus Hodge
Expeditetools/com helped me out with their hacked transfers .I received $35,000 from them .
Comment from : Magnus Hodge

Jennifer lara
Only proper education can help us to achieve our trading success. Without acquiring trading knowledge in Forex market, a trader will never be able to earn good and stay for a long time. That’s why learning is very important then earning. I learn from the free seminar classes at ForexOne trading platform which is one of the leading trading platforms at foreign currency exchange market. After completing my learning session now, I am earning well.
Comment from : Jennifer lara

Ryan R
I have been considering getting into forex trading . Thanks for the Informative video . I appreciate you offering advice without trying to sell me a course lol
Comment from : Ryan R

Milo The Russian Blue
I’ve been doing this for 13 years and I’ve learned the following:

1. Don’t rely on one system. The forex market is constantly changing. That’s why one system won’t work.

2. Don’t bet it all on one trade. This may work a couple of times but I would argue that it will embolden you to do the same thing over and over. You will eventually lose and lose big. You shouldn’t expect to lose more than 5% a trade. If you do more than this, you will be broke in no time.

3. Measure everything. Pick your entry and exit and calculate exactly how much you could gain or lose before entering.

4. Be wary of economic releases. Especially if you have a tight stop. Big releases can move the price wildly in a short period of time. Also, your broker will most likely increase the spread during these releases which can increase the chance of getting stopped out prematurely.

5. Learn to take a loss. If you get stopped out, DO NOT all of a sudden think you need to “get it back”. The best thing to do is to step away and pick your spots intelligently and rationally for your next trade. This is probably one of the most important lessons I learned.

6. Never rely on a trading guru to pick your trades. These people come and go. At the end of the day, you are responsible for your own trading decisions.

7. Fight the “Fear of Missing Out” or FOMO. If you miss getting into a trade, don’t worry. There is ALWAYS another opportunity in the forex market.

Comment from : Milo The Russian Blue

John Miles
U got to get the title of this video change
Comment from : John Miles

www.litcapital.co.uk LEARN INTERACT TRADE
Comment from : AJ TRADES

HQ Trades
I was trapped in that cycle. Thankfully I found the best forex strategy. Most traders fail because they don’t realize that the game is rigged. The forex market is manipulated so you have to learn how to trade with the manipulation.
Comment from : HQ Trades

Solid Trading Signals
Come trade with me then
Comment from : Solid Trading Signals

Mary Jane
Smith John is a Successful Forex trader, who has great experience in emerging market currencies, investment origination and financial strategy.Trading effectively is about assessing probabilities, not certainties.
Comment from : Mary Jane

XIV -member
Because you stupid, just it.
Comment from : XIV -member

jj ninja
Your an idiot! What, your the only one from the planet of knowledge/wisdom/discipline/success etc.?!?! I'm only 1 year into price action trading and I'm already seeing a great ROI
Comment from : jj ninja

samuel kamau
Can you trade on my behalf can you be my broker
Comment from : samuel kamau

Bri D
The title is clickbait and supposed to be ironic bc he really goes in on why some fail and what you can do to prevent it
Comment from : Bri D

Frantz Soutien
First person on YouTube that says if u don't like my vid give me a thumbs down man is savage
Comment from : Frantz Soutien

Forex success depends on understanding the human nature behind the speculation and not falling for greedy expectations. Fundamentals always yield to central banks deliberated efforts to tamper the value of currencies. Just learn to hoop on their wagon and you'll make money.
Comment from : 1969nitsuga

zablon kirera
This guy is contradicting himself! He say you will NEVER make on trading Forex and he says it with certainty of his 30 years experience,then when he start explaining,turns out you can make money! Only thing is giving is advise on how to go about it!
Comment from : zablon kirera

Mudasser Jillani

Comment from : Mudasser Jillani

Reinhold Maurus
Attention. Most brokers are scammers. sakura-fxtrading got the China Forex Award in 2016. They closed in february 2017 and went away with several millions of investors money . They sponsered the Expo and payed for the Award in 2016. sakura-fxtrading have even been on the sponsor list in spring 2017 also (whearease they have closed). Its amazing that no one is confronting the evilness of this Expo and brokers are protecting each other.
Comment from : Reinhold Maurus

Bartosz Grzenkowicz
Everything You told on this video is soooo true...🙏👍 thanks
Comment from : Bartosz Grzenkowicz

Rosy Foster
What a great video , trading forex just got more easier than i thought
Comment from : Rosy Foster

Chad Browne
Yes currently in that cycle
Comment from : Chad Browne

Hay can you please suggest me a good broker to start forex with ?
Comment from : KUKUL

Melissa & Milo
This should be illegal to put on the net. I’ve made money in forex and I’ve only been trading for 2 yrs and I’m not even forex trader. I focus on stocks and options. This is crap don’t listen to this guy. Do your own due diligence!! Take the time to learn and you can trade anything on the NQ or SPY
Comment from : Melissa & Milo

So lets say I'm not one of those squeamish traders and want to have an aggressive strategy, got anything for a young padawan?
Comment from : Barbarian_Motors

krinal pandav
So sad
Comment from : krinal pandav

Connor Abdulai
I am so eager to be a forex trader, from going to seminars about forex, I have been asked to pay $5000 for home study kit, trading on the forex platform for 3days, software of $100 every month. And daily online support. Then open an account with a capital to trade. To start with I don’t even have that kind of money saved up. I have been offered to pay my instalment, which am about to do. I was just winding if am making the right choice. Because i really want to a trader.
Comment from : Connor Abdulai

Tedy Nixon
He just wants to imply a message for traders that doing back testing first before you're implementing a strategy. Back testing is a recomended Financial Management Risk in forex trading 😊
Comment from : Tedy Nixon

389 7537
Tnx Phil Colins. Now sing me another song, like paper late
Comment from : 389 7537

Mario Guimond
If anyone is interested in trading forex or what to know more about are program or team hit me up ! This video here is a lie if your teachable you can make money trading with are academy
Comment from : Mario Guimond

Video of Doom
Comment from : chooselife3000

Wayne Nurse
He actually gives great advice nd warnings
Comment from : Wayne Nurse

Winnie Ngure
You're in front of 4 screens with charts & you have done forex for 30 years.....? 🤨🤔 You're a liar. People make money in Forex....
Comment from : Winnie Ngure

Live Forex Trading - 100 pips per week challenge
What an intro........i just love it
Comment from : Live Forex Trading - 100 pips per week challenge

Mavin Grey
10 November 2019 I got a profit of$ 20,000 after investing $3,000. I will soon be a millionaire, thanks to maxgreen_trade on IG
Comment from : Mavin Grey

Mavin Grey
10 November 2019 I got a profit of$ 20,000 after investing $3,000. I will soon be a millionaire, thanks to maxgreen_trade on IG
Comment from : Mavin Grey

Harry YT
Comment from : Harry YT

Mario Guimond
That's why i joined IM trading they give me the trades and at the sametime they give me all the tools and schooling i need three there academy to be successful trading and also marketing
Comment from : Mario Guimond

and buy my courses
Comment from : {Forbidden.Knowledge}

E pluribus unum
It’s impossible to make money on forex
Comment from : E pluribus unum

Tomáš Krže
thank you for the video. I have been there and i am very happy that i found out. turned out, the first strategy that i made on logic was the best one
Comment from : Tomáš Krže

Kenichi Lugard
I respectfully disagree with your concept of not making money on Forex trades, why not? if you've got sound understanding of Forex markets or better brokerage administrator working in your stead you should be able to do so well at it.
Comment from : Kenichi Lugard

Moses Ngwenya
lol you contradicting yourself, i learned how to trade on tradersdan.com and im doing quiet good
Comment from : Moses Ngwenya

Konstantin Gr
funny how people comment without actually watching the video ,, tip guys the title is click bait the content is actually genuine and basic advice any starting trader should receive
Comment from : Konstantin Gr

Bridget Nm
Comment from : Bridget Nm

Robin hood
Another pratt who doesn't know what he's talking about. OTC derivatives were set up to take short-term 'punts' or to hedge. OTC retail spot, was set up to shake down the middle class DIYer. If you want to invest do so in value producing assets like equities, that way you own the underlying. OTC derivatives like FX spot are gambling at best. If you must trade FX, do so on an exchange trading FX FUTURES.
Comment from : Robin hood

Day trader screenShot
Hedge fund manager would give his right arm to archive a 25%. YTD Im up 81% trading nat gas.
Comment from : Day trader screenShot

Gekke Gerrit
Good video, bad title.
Comment from : Gekke Gerrit

Nass Ro
Never get an advice from the losers and never ever listen to them 👌
Comment from : Nass Ro

G. Li
Because he never makes money in Forex for 30 years, his experience has no value and what he is saying is not valuable.
Comment from : G. Li

nicole holm
If I may share my experience...
Comment from : nicole holm

VerT Saucy
I made 500 in my first day of forex lmao
Comment from : VerT Saucy

I am

Dazel Isaacs
95% of the people in the comments either never watched the whole video or went to the comments section too soon because of the misleading video title.
Comment from : Dazel Isaacs

Fernando Mukosha
Just because you failed to make money yourself deosent mean everybody else will..
Comment from : Fernando Mukosha

Siyethemba Ngcobo
The fact you failed to make it doesn’t mean we will also fail...

We need to trade with large amounts to make serious money on forex...

#that it

Comment from : Siyethemba Ngcobo

Basil E. Wenzel
Cut the crap mate! I know someone that trades forex and does 100 k profit yrly.
Comment from : Basil E. Wenzel

nathaniel comic life
funny................ lovely at same time.
Comment from : nathaniel comic life

I have never had these unrealistic expectations. My number one motivation is that I love doing analysis and I don't want to lose money. I have a demo account now and I am learning and wamt to learn more. The part of getting rich or trading on the beach is a remote dream. Could very well be I will never get there.
Comment from : SSEnrich

Jordan James
the gayest opening intro i have ever seen
Comment from : Jordan James

Peywan Muhammed
what a bullshit kind of start in a video
Comment from : Peywan Muhammed

I am intersting To start forex trading and i want know very straight questions !!! 2020 could i make réal money this trade.

What is thé most difficulties i need To challenge To strat.

How much money i can start min and max for best way .

Where i can Get best coaching or learning skill

Thank you

Comment from : BANCADE & KARAMAAN TV

Wamiq Ahmed
At first i thought this was a bullshit video, but after watching, he talks truth about new traders strategies.
Comment from : Wamiq Ahmed

Camille Parker
Trade wisely and better.
Comment from : Camille Parker

Comment from : mr

Rashad Hickman
Great advice in this video. Wealth building takes time and having a good strategy, confidence, risk management and realistic expectations are key. I know quite a few Forex traders who have been doing it for a while. They all gave me the same advice: learn the market, constantly educate yourself, know that Forex trading is no get rich quick scheme and don’t make stupid investments by getting greedy.
Comment from : Rashad Hickman

Erick mremi
When i was starting my forex journey back in 2018 i saw this video i just watched it for the first minute then i said this guy is making me give up forex then i closed the video it has been one year today i watched the whole video now i know why i was failing sometimes were given opportunities to learn things free on youtube but we dont follow so we have to pay school fees to the market to learn in the hard way
Comment from : Erick mremi

Haha Hooligan
1. There's plenty of people making money in Forex.
2. He's done it for 30 years, meaning if he never saw an increase in money, he wouldn't have kept doing it.

For 30 years he couldn't successfully grow is what he's saying. He didn't understand what he was doing for 30 years.

Comment from : Haha Hooligan

Dimooon Yankl
Listen to him, he tells you right off the bat he’s a veteran trader with 30 years experience and here all you New traders are bad mouthing him like you have any ground to stand on at all
Comment from : Dimooon Yankl

forex is just like medicine or engineering profession. It is not meant for everyone and requires training, discipline and expertise.
Comment from : Oleg

Jay Mcihael
Hey, ForexSignals TV!

I really liked this video. I am a blogger and I am currently writing a piece on "can you make money in forex?". I am going to post a link to the article here.

The comments section is such a great thing to use as a learning material. This video is 7 minutes but instead of first watching it, people start writing their comments. And what if it's a clickbait-ish? What's up with that? The last time I was on a date, the girl had extremely tight jeans and extremely bring lipstick. We concurred it was OK.

It shows to you the herd mentality and the desire to keep with the pack, humiliating and bad-mouthing anybody who's trying to talk some sense into the back. Very reminiscent of the Lord of the Flies. It shows to you whether you want to be a spectacled guy or a savage. And there are time when it's better to be one and there are time when it's better to be the other. So, it's up too. You can start deciding whether you want to move with the herd or whether you want to move on your own.

The idea is that you need to do the following sequence:

1) Watch the video
2) Read the comments section
3) Ponder on

1. Why are you doing 1) and 2)?
2. Why are people saying that both the video and the idea of trading FX is BS? And what do you think about the people who started writing comments without first watching the video and trying to fully internalize its contents?
3. You'll eventually come to the realization that you don't actually understand whether FX is BS or not (and this video might as well be, but you are here not because of this video, but because you want to understand that whether trading FX is BS).
4. Accept that FX low-trime-frame trading might be BS and just start trading long. I've been trading VERY LONG for over a year and I am making 1% per month. YOU CAN'T EVEN START UNDERSTANDING HOW FUCKING PROUD I AM OF MYSELF COZ I AM PROFITABLE AND THIS IS WHAT MATTERS LONG-TERM, IMHO.

Comment from : Jay Mcihael

Tomas Zarnovsky
Comment from : Tomas Zarnovsky

extream invincible
Your correct... dont expect big in your evryday trade... consistent 2 to 5 percent profit of your capital in evrytrade in 1 stock evry week is enough... start in small gain but consistent is the way to get profitable.. once you master this technic then go up to the next level...
Comment from : extream invincible

Sadiyah Fathima
he rick rolled me
Comment from : Sadiyah Fathima

Tempting video title, but worthwhile thoughts.
Comment from : JustMax

Stephen Moses
So what the "F" are you doing for 30 years?
Comment from : Stephen Moses

Hudiya Ichwana
Sorry, have you been stay getting money from forex ??
Thank you so much ,please hopefully to answer this ..

Comment from : Hudiya Ichwana

Landi Putra
So.. my strategy is not use the strategy 😂
Comment from : Landi Putra

john jacques
Can't make money trading forex simply because most of the retail brokers out there trade against you. Trade with an exchange like CME or find a big bank
Comment from : john jacques

Bradley Mogate
This guy basically lost profit for almost 30 years I won’t fall for this bullshit.
Comment from : Bradley Mogate

Great video and very straightforward! It's certainly no walk in the park getting started in forex. Lots of learning non-stop
Comment from : 2792revs

why did he do the other video about successful forex traders? hahaha
Comment from : barraabus

Tom Radford
Says you'll never make money.
Has too resort to Youtube to make a income

Comment from : Tom Radford

Comment from : ANASTASIA !

World Government
you mean you don't make money don't put your b.s on ppl absolute garbage..
Comment from : World Government

Trading Strategy Guides
Great video.... All of the negative commenters are missing the main point of your video. Keep up the great work! -Ben
Comment from : Trading Strategy Guides

Says you’ll never make money
Also does it for 30 years

Comment from : Serjo

I think he means showing you how to make money
Comment from : UNITED4FUN

Rafal Z
There is a very good reason why banks having huge resources, knowledge, experience and technology still prefer to make money by e.g. lending money to people for crappy 3-4% return instead of "making" money in Forex. 3-4% is of course gross income which makes it even less attractive. Forex is almost completely random but very few people truly understand that. Ask any wannabe trader what is statistical significance, data dredging, hindsight bias - you will get blank stare.
Comment from : Rafal Z

Edgar Wills
Comment section looks like that one test the teacher gives students at the beginning of the year, where the only thing you were supposed to do was write your name and wait for everyone else to fuck up
Comment from : Edgar Wills

30 year don’t mean a thing in forex, you just don’t take many risk anymore
Comment from : Rightawaytomoveon

Russian Bot
lmao these bs screens with graphs that dont mean shit, yall basically day traders
Comment from : Russian Bot

Dimooon Yankl
Friends! Which broker do you use? Amarkets reliable broker? Friends advise me.
Comment from : Dimooon Yankl

Shyanne Tignor
I think its a real shame that you spent 30 years doing something that supposedly doesn't make money, and then made a video about it. LOL!
Comment from : Shyanne Tignor

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