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Hey Prankster's, in this video instead of 15 pranks, I show you how to pull off 50 simple pranks. Check it out- youtu.be/fJbyqMEPOHQ
Comment from : Nextraker

That youTube Kid
This is so funny
Comment from : That youTube Kid

Mikasa Ackerman
HAHAHA Bold of you to assume I'll do the soft pranks 😈
Comment from : Mikasa Ackerman

Pinkdoughnut Productions
The shoe polish enthusiast
Comment from : Pinkdoughnut Productions

apil Trisha D.C. bajaeo
Oh.. I didn't know that my name is in fools
Comment from : apil Trisha D.C. bajaeo

Heh heh heh, he thinks I’ll use these on April fools day and not every day.
Comment from : BWSPlayz

TheNydiaLibera2002 GopherPalASC
this is footage from the past videos
Comment from : TheNydiaLibera2002 GopherPalASC

Ethan Marr
With the pen prank can I use a pen end?
Comment from : Ethan Marr

Jesmarie Anne Martin
You suck
Comment from : Jesmarie Anne Martin

Jack Mc
I’m ur newest subbed
Comment from : Jack Mc

Adam Britt
Comment from : Adam Britt

the amazing ainsley
Comment from : the amazing ainsley

Splinter- Memes
some are WAY too mean to use.
Comment from : Splinter- Memes

allangf07 : /
My teacher wouldn’t take it like a joke I would get suspended
For good

Comment from : allangf07 : /

Dovahkiin Dragonborn
I know a good prank. What you need to do is take a pen and take it apart and remove the spring then reassemble the pen
Comment from : Dovahkiin Dragonborn

tmplayer67 Roblox name is tmplayer67
So cool
Comment from : tmplayer67 Roblox name is tmplayer67

Chase Knight
2:15 staple WHAT together!?!?
Comment from : Chase Knight

Kathleen Moore
this is so mean. What if someone has a project that they worked on for 10 years then they use your prank stapler and have to write it all over again. #haveaheart
Comment from : Kathleen Moore

SuperMarioGamer // SMG
So my teacher once accidentallu used permanent ink on the white board. It was blue, so when I used the dry erase marker method, it left some stains. Then I used rubbing alcohol, and even glass cleaner, and it did nothing.
Comment from : SuperMarioGamer // SMG

Booth Family
i got suspended by doing one of these
Comment from : Booth Family

Cassandra Frazier
Comment from : Cassandra Frazier

joshua the plush
This is a video that needs to be nominated because this is a good prank video for me
Comment from : joshua the plush

Colin Kotler
Carlos:*Working on 15 page report*
Carlos Again:Whew, last sentence, I gotta use the bathroom!
Me:Haha, he fell right into my classic blunder! Fills pencil with ink
Carlos:Okay, last sentence... Ink spills everywhere AHH WHAT THE FUCK! JIMMY YOU FUCKING BITCH IM GONNA BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU!

Comment from : Colin Kotler

Why do you wear gloves
Comment from : Gr8estWalter

CoveredGrass 542
I did the glue one on a special ed kid 😂
Comment from : CoveredGrass 542

If you do the mechanical pencil thing, what if they do the pretend injection thing
Comment from : Nick'ii

Mostloved_princess Diva
Comment from : Mostloved_princess Diva

Caleb Morris
I know I'm Satan and all
But woah CALM DOWN 4:06

Comment from : Caleb Morris

Hey guys, welcome to another video of how to get beat up at school!
Comment from : URself

szp family
Wow that's a life hack bubblegum eraser that's a life hack right there
Comment from : szp family

Captain Obvious
Who has shoe polish in their book bag
Comment from : Captain Obvious

You: It was a prank from the marker you can use hand sanitizer

Comment from : ツZack0o

Aimee Kutovy
What is playstok
Comment from : Aimee Kutovy

Another pen prank is to rearrange the colors inside the pens
Comment from : ragingred

DJ Guava
I’m new to the channel
Comment from : DJ Guava

The needle part is dangerous that could hurt them if they had to push it in if they pushed out to much
Comment from : DH_elf’y

Jake Johnson
if i pranked my teacher i would get expelled my school is shit
Comment from : Jake Johnson

queenamisha H
Is Devin an artist????????
Comment from : queenamisha H

Frankie Cuellar
You're definitely definitely going to see some blood on that @4:30 one. 💉
Comment from : Frankie Cuellar

Carissa Browne
I'm mum got mad on April fool's
Comment from : Carissa Browne

Who carries around a razor in their book bag!?!
Comment from : Aquatic.Lifestyles

Who just has shoe polish with them lol??
Comment from : Beastforlife

Faiha Faisal
Do you like irritating people very bad your going to regret from god
Comment from : Faiha Faisal

Joey Collins
4:00 One way to get expelled
Comment from : Joey Collins

World Facts
Yes yes “they will get wax all over their paper” CRAYONS ARE MADE FROM WAX!!!!
Comment from : World Facts

5:32 crayons are wax
Comment from : Eyeofgoggy

4:09 NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN bruh you should know lots of kids are watching this and if they do try they will get hurt.
Comment from : plsnoi

peter kennedy
iHave did it
Comment from : peter kennedy

Tom Lam
Comment from : Tom Lam

andy gal132XXDD
You realize the needle in the led pencil one is actually dangerous right💀☠😵💀☠😵💀☠😵💀☠😵
Comment from : andy gal132XXDD

8:33 somebody made this to me and my supreme hoodie got fk up
Comment from : Manzu

Carol Anderson-Washington
7:11 you can look on the bottom of the pen to know the real color
Comment from : Carol Anderson-Washington

kawai lemon
Why green it dint do anything to u use pink
Comment from : kawai lemon

Green Peas
But who... Who would put show polish on their bag
Comment from : Green Peas

uk pike fishing channel
Needle in mechanical pencil um sharp
Obgect probably will be exspeld

Comment from : uk pike fishing channel

Juan Galeana-Rojas
My teachers pranked us good several times in a day
Comment from : Juan Galeana-Rojas

It’s me yes it’s me
Yeah like. No ones gonna where their grandmas sweater
Comment from : It’s me yes it’s me

Adrian Golisz
Comment from : Adrian Golisz

Krishna devi
see my experiment video youtu.be/uErWQgXYAZ8
Comment from : Krishna devi

Aman Hiwale
Simplest prank:
Just take polish and throw on his face.🤣🤣🤣

Comment from : Aman Hiwale

Ummmmm you sound like howtoprankitup... EXPOSED
Comment from : B L V C K Ζ E T S U

Sunita Shaw
If i will do the shoe polish or the water prank, i will be kicked out of the school😝😝
Comment from : Sunita Shaw

Ninja 001
What if the prank victims see this video before hand and get alert ?
Comment from : Ninja 001

Genius Kingdom
Can we take our whole house with us to the school ...... just to play a prank with our friends😅😅
Comment from : Genius Kingdom

Sushila Sushila
make 🎿
Comment from : Sushila Sushila

Mhd Khaswan Cuan
In here we can make it become highlighter
Comment from : Mhd Khaswan Cuan

It makes me that this crazy very crazy
Comment from : GYOVANI

-Revenge Filled-
video: 15 April Fools Day Pranks-
me: yeah right, more like “15 ways to lose friends”

Comment from : -Revenge Filled-

Hariz Zikri
How to break your relationship in the best way
Comment from : Hariz Zikri

Sam Jones
"Finishes esay, goes to the bathroom, comes back and notices they didn't put a period, puts period on paper, ruins esay"
Comment from : Sam Jones

Kawaii Mleko
6:00 die in hell
Comment from : Kawaii Mleko

ReikoNimation Studio
This is why i hate school
Comment from : ReikoNimation Studio

ColdHot Dog_Water
2:37... cause everyone brings a razor blade to school right?
Comment from : ColdHot Dog_Water

Joe Rico
4:12 we all know the kid that pretends he/she is stabbing himself/ herself with led? Not anymore...
Comment from : Joe Rico

can i borrow your pen?
me: 9:35

Comment from : kingfive69

Wahyu Gozali
Hay guys ini Vidio unfaedah sekalii 😁
Comment from : Wahyu Gozali

Sumita Kamble
Last khani hai???
Comment from : Sumita Kamble

Bhosdk isse to samne wale pai parank Nahi saale usski copy kahab hi jaige sale bosdk
Comment from : Scorpian

TheOddsOneIn hehe.
Comment from : TheOddsOneIn hehe.

angelo velasco
April fools in school?! But our school ends in may
Comment from : angelo velasco

Torrin sksksk
Love how he expects us to carry shoe polish with us at school
Comment from : Torrin sksksk

Mr. Burger
I could use these next year
Comment from : Mr. Burger


like if u see it

Comment from : KyroQuackz

Violet Quinones
how to get your ass kicked in school
Comment from : Violet Quinones

How am i suppose to do theese pranks when im on summer vacation
Comment from : Asuna

Anjali Jain Goel
Tie your friend's shoes to the chair/bench's leg
Watch it unfold
It's gonna get ugly

Comment from : Anjali Jain Goel

Zapnu Gaming
Bad pranks, even though its april fools
Comment from : Zapnu Gaming

Jayita Manna Sarkar
I tried all of your pranks and their expression was totally to see
Comment from : Jayita Manna Sarkar

I though I am best in this but after watching you I realise you have way more experience than me
Comment from : jatin_phulera

I’m going to do it on a day that’s not April fools
Comment from : S1ayerXYZ

Jotaro Kujo
the first one is for people who have "borrowed" your mechanical pencil and never gave it back
Comment from : Jotaro Kujo

Izzy M
At my school, the tech teacher has access to all the computers. On April 1st, we had an inside recess which means we can't play outside. Me and my friend went to the computer lab and started playing on the computer. The 8th graders were pranking each other and shutting off each other computers off the tech teachers' master computer. It was so freaking funny watching them rage especially ones playing online competition games.
Comment from : Izzy M

You man are an evil villan
Comment from : mars

SRW_XSuspence _YT
Comment from : SRW_XSuspence _YT

Livi Piggi Olivia R
Captions say now the dumb will come in handy
Comment from : Livi Piggi Olivia R

Mr. Kaul
tu sala bohat badmas hai mother chod kahika
Comment from : Mr. Kaul

smol child
I did 3 of the pranks to a girl that is rude to everyone and she got in trouble because she started to get really mad while we were taking a test
Comment from : smol child

Dude i brung a tiny bb gun and shot the teacher every time he turned his head lmao
Comment from : ButtersTheGun_XBOX

Shukl Ez
The pizza at the end looked so delicious with all that sauce 😮
Comment from : Shukl Ez

3:45 imagine the kid does that fake needle thing with the mechanical pencil...😐😐
Comment from : Imagator19

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