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Выгодный курс покупки евро мурманск россельхозбанк MPEG4
 Full HD 1080p — 1920х


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Hugh P
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Comment from : Hugh P

Venezuelans Eat Rotten, Spoiled Meat As Electric Grid Fails & Electricity Collapses
August 27, 2018 13 663
Rolling power outages are causing meat to spoil, but that’s not stopping Venezuelans when faced with hunger. Here are the details…

by Isabelle Z via Natural News

(Natural News) Living conditions in Venezuela show no signs of improving as people there have taken to eating spoiled meat just to keep themselves alive.

The AP reports that people in the city of Maracaibo have been lining up for a chance to buy spoiled meat as the rolling power outages that have been plaguing the area get worse and refrigerators fail.

As you might expect, the rotten meat is making people ill, but the starving population is willing to take its chances because it’s the only way many of them can afford to get their hands on protein as the country’s greatest collapse continues to get worse.

Comment from : chefsmade

I'm usually pretty good at understanding what's being said, but I don't get this admin don't understand it at all thanks for the video Ron Mexico
Comment from : Queencrab1980

Dee Grose
Thank you for all that you do !
Comment from : Dee Grose

Jubilee4us NOW
Good to hear from you...was praying all was well for you and yours 😉
Comment from : Jubilee4us NOW

Pro Street Hustler
still flying 10,000 ft the ground is approaching fast
Comment from : Pro Street Hustler

Dea Day
Well, well, well
Comment from : Dea Day

Kenneth Barnes
I hope they have their first parliament meeting tomorrow
Comment from : Kenneth Barnes

Stuart Ogilvie
Back Again,, Thank you,
Comment from : Stuart Ogilvie

Ava Chosen
Missed ya! Thank you
Comment from : Ava Chosen

Jordan Evola
Comment from : Jordan Evola

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