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Cody Bandy
The exchange rate of the dollar rose slightly in the stock market struggle, as stabilized in local markets today, Thursday, (February 7, 2019).

The price of the Kifah Stock Exchange – Baghdad was 119.850, while Wednesday’s prices were 119.750.

Selling and buying prices in banking shops:

The sale price of the dollar = 120.250 dinars.

The purchase price of the dollar = 119.250 dinars

Comment from : Cody Bandy

Nadia Kali
Addysen Merideth…. Brad is that your link? It's obviously not your name so I wondered... on the Nui.
Comment from : Nadia Kali

What are you wearing my bother Brad?
Comment from : alfashion

Michael Kruppenbach
How do I get into kala?
Comment from : Michael Kruppenbach

Andrea K Ben
Look at God...Prayer changes things and people....Love it & Love you....divine blessings are on the way, VB!
Comment from : Andrea K Ben

Isaac Escamilla
God has chosen trump for this time and season, there is a purpose for this! And in time we will know the reason
Comment from : Isaac Escamilla

Jimmer Kerlin
Brad, hey bro, need to chat privately, one on one. Need more info on KALA. How can we chat?
Comment from : Jimmer Kerlin

Abdul Jabbar
When will RV?
Comment from : Abdul Jabbar

Abdul Jabbar
In Kuwait, where do I exchange my IQD!
Comment from : Abdul Jabbar

Francisco Rabon
I' with you Vital Brad, God Bless the President Of the United States.
Comment from : Francisco Rabon

Kimberly Mitchell
What if you are a Texas resident Brad?
Comment from : Kimberly Mitchell

ay bee
Interesting prayers. Impressive
Comment from : ay bee

Dave Felber
bet nancy don't lead in prayer
Comment from : Dave Felber

A Dunn
So Iraq is article 8?🤔🤨
Comment from : A Dunn


Comment from : S E

Charles T
Etn for me. No kala.
Comment from : Charles T

Kung-Fu That Works Richard Morwick
This is what "ONE LOVE" Means and it's NOT A GOOD SAYING. www.youtube.com/watch?v=828IwClsxHA
Comment from : Kung-Fu That Works Richard Morwick

David Pollard
Brad what's the referral link identifier ?
Comment from : David Pollard

Arlene Wilkins
Amen Thank You for the video President Donald Trump and his family May God BlessThem and keep them Safe
Comment from : Arlene Wilkins

Mary Alvarez
Comment from : Mary Alvarez

Cody Bandy
Iraq has been talking about economic growth for a long time and that demands them to raise the value of their currency and this will bring investors. So that means the GOI has to activate their private sector.

Capital Investment, Capital Goods and Economic Growth. Improved capital goods increase labor productivity. ... Superior capital equipment directly makes individuals, businesses and countries more productive and efficient. Increased efficiency leads to economic growth

Economic growth is the increase in the inflation-adjusted market value of the goods and services produced by an economy over time. It is conventionally measured as the percent rate of increase in real gross domestic product, or real GDP. ... Development of new goods and services also creates economic growth.

Comment from : Cody Bandy

Brad, I just clicked on your link to buy Dinar on Amazon. 1st it says for Collectors. Plus they want $59.95 for 1 One $25,000 Dinar. That's almost double the price. U can get a $100,000 Dinar for $120. Elsewhere. That comes out to more than double.. Again... Just Saying. God Bless Buddy. 👍👍🙏🙏🙏 Now I just went to join Nui.. Because I live in Massachusetts... I Can't... Bummer Man. 😕😕😞😞 Can I use a family members address in another state.? But if anything's mailed to me, It could be awhile before I get it.. Can you let me know about using another states address..?? I'd really like to get in on this... Ty Brother. 👍👍
Comment from : FRANK Q

Jay- GreenTech Inc
What is your link for Kala? I will open an account
Comment from : Jay- GreenTech Inc

michelle schulhoff
Yes!!!!!❤love seeing Trump in prayer.....Brad your awesome ,keep 💪, God bless 🇺🇸
Comment from : michelle schulhoff

Eddie Gelsone
Why can’t I enroll in kala as a resident of Texas?
Comment from : Eddie Gelsone

Sooo True Brad. Your absolutely so right about All us Believers are being anointed. God Bless You Brother. Another Great Video. 👍👍👍👍👍
Comment from : FRANK Q

Carlos Matias
My opinion is this. No ones holding Iraq down or back.
With all these country donating money. Why would Iraq revalue their currency?
They are making tons of money now. Iraq doesn’t want to see Americans get rich with their currency. No ones holding Iraq back. Iraq is in no hurry what so ever to revalue it’s currency. This so called revaluation is years, years and years down the road.

Comment from : Carlos Matias

Tina Chavez
Things are sounding better and better!!!!! Thank the Lord💒💒💒
Comment from : Tina Chavez

Dea Day
Yes! The anointing destroy s the yoke.
Comment from : Dea Day

Virisila Tavou
Comment from : Virisila Tavou

Shane Timbers
I love to see God's involved in this administration that's why he's having so much resistance from the other side God bless our president and God bless America!
Comment from : Shane Timbers

Flat Bear
Dude... No way.... This was prophesied several years ago. I was wondering if it was true but that confirmed it so hard lol wow
Comment from : Flat Bear

Robert H
I like to see what you say when you get impeached
Comment from : Robert H

Johna Leaper Wright
God's amazing Grace! Our suddenly miracle is coming! Amen
Comment from : Johna Leaper Wright

Darian Barnes
Support trump..smdh
Comment from : Darian Barnes

kay manning
God Bless America President Trump and the children. Bless you Brad
Comment from : kay manning

What are you saying ?? Kalla ? I havent heard of that one
Comment from : lovingLife

God Bless Trump and his administration! Go RV! Go VB !
Comment from : ChangeIsComing4all

Crypto Gamer
How can we connect up to talk more 1 on 1. I have questions about Kula. You can find me on Telegram @BitbyBits or Twitter- SmartXRPbuyer
Comment from : Crypto Gamer

Misty Arendt
POTUS 46 🌟 The Prince of Camelot 👑❤
Comment from : Misty Arendt

steve m
YES. This Iraqi RV is ready to bust wide open, everything is set and in place.
Guru Kaperoni is pessimistic and calls for a slow and gradual creep or float, he's wrong- this RV is going to flip and bust upwards to I'd say in the $2.80 range. They cannot hold Iraq down any longer.

Comment from : steve m

"Currency of choice -the dinar " .................🤔🤔😉😉😉
Comment from : lovingLife

Blessed And Healthy
Wells Fargo whole banking system is down and they don't have a backup system. Could this be a break in the system? Hummmm
Comment from : Blessed And Healthy

William Elliott
Thank you Heavenly Father
Comment from : William Elliott

Blessed And Healthy
Hey Brad😊
Comment from : Blessed And Healthy

leachristin stout
Comment from : leachristin stout

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