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Курс евро алматы на сегодня MPEG4
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laura iancu
Comment from : laura iancu

L O L - Even he is starting to doubt it will happen. Did anyone else hear it? “As we wait for the POTENTIAL revaluation of our currencies”.... If you’re not invested in crypto currencies, you’re making a mistake.
Comment from : Skrubb

Charlie Cohen
troops to be pulled out of korea
Comment from : Charlie Cohen

Charlie Cohen
art bell, c2c only show predicting rv of the iqd after jared kushners world peace, trump is the one off rv president
Comment from : Charlie Cohen

the ghad ghad
Comment from : the ghad ghad

Stephen O Neill
I sold 90% of my Dinar last week, kept 10% just in case, I held IQD since 2005and I lost 5,500 euro on the investment , the 10,000 euro i got when i sold my dinar i put into LITECOIN , a real investment. You are all going to miss the boat while waiting to this RV that is never going to happen (it is going to LOP) , and then you are in danger of hanging yourself. My advice is to diversify be in both IQD (a little) and Litecoin (a lot).
Comment from : Stephen O Neill

Robert Young
that was particularly interesting.. I had a hard time finding any Kuwait currency but did revalue I don't know if you are able to cat to exchange at a bank in the US on that but at that time it seems as though at what's being said is that currency manipulation is happening what is it happening with the Iraqi Central Bank are they holding it back for some weird reason and it's True Values already gone up and they just holding it back so that's what I'm making this
Comment from : Robert Young

Lemuel Stephens
WOW, AS MUCH , shit ! YOU BEEN TALKING ABOUT RAY REN AND TONY , HERE YOU GO USING THEIR MATERIAL ! THE GUY WHO KILLED HIMSELF OVER, SELLING HIS CURRENCY TO SOON, I think rays an "Gestapo Butthead " and very Rude to some members ,and i listen for RV infor ,like i clicked on your site . For RV information!! Not Character Assassination, But who's Judging and Voting for the better ONE,. Hey Human;s you got to love Us , But don't be surprised how we TREAT each other, like the preson under my comment, Thanks you for your researh ,you do have very good infor . THANKS
Comment from : Lemuel Stephens

Forex weekend
Comment from : Forex weekend

Paint Mixer 73137 Hawk
If i have to go to wells ill be getting cashier's check to take to my account
Comment from : Paint Mixer 73137 Hawk

Panama Paypal
we don t need the IMF we need and RV and get the IMF of the boat
Comment from : Panama Paypal

Mary Alvarez
Comment from : Mary Alvarez

Melvin Davis
Comment from : Melvin Davis

Parris Patrick
how can I get the link to the IMF file you posted at the end of this video.....
Comment from : Parris Patrick

Find Truth
I bank with Wells, but I have lost all confidence with them and need to change.....definitely don’t want to be exchanging with them when this goes down. Anyone research the best bank to exchange with?
Comment from : Find Truth

Foody Y Fee
Thank you for your research
Comment from : Foody Y Fee

Golden Spilo
I love the message at the end of your video! God bless! 😊
Comment from : Golden Spilo

Golden Spilo
Things looks promising!
Comment from : Golden Spilo

Trump is certainly kicked ads and taking names!😎 ronmexico
Comment from : Queencrab1980

Micael Gautier
Killed himself...story from TNT...give the video its props.
Comment from : Micael Gautier

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