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Курс евров январе 2008 года MPEG4
 Full HD 1080p — 1920х


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oliver omg
2:58 like yhat would do anything
Comment from : oliver omg

Million Shy Sentences
You look like ZHC to be honest.
Comment from : Million Shy Sentences

3:45 What was that sound????!!!
Comment from : Dellood

subscribe to die instantly
2:35 attempted murder and he did it to himself too
Comment from : subscribe to die instantly

Being in 2019 and seeing this makes me wanna cry
Comment from : SkooSkooT

Elite_ArticFlame YT
Chad wild clay
Comment from : Elite_ArticFlame YT

Ruthline Cannister
You so funny
Comment from : Ruthline Cannister

dolphin laugher 25
Comment from : dolphin laugher 25

Pl S
On April fools I tricked my mom because she scolded even though I didn't do anything I put a straight line of invisible tape adventure walkthrough she tripped on a big cake and smash your face in
Comment from : Pl S

Melissa Bakker
Hello pz 9
Comment from : Melissa Bakker

Dear ryan do you know who roi or marlin is
Comment from : A A

John Rhoden
I hate you you suck
Comment from : John Rhoden

David Kyle Regalado
Legos le le le gos
Comment from : David Kyle Regalado

Zach Dempsey
Does any body realize the safety is on the gun
Comment from : Zach Dempsey

Science Fact Guide
Prank fooooooooooooooooooooooooolssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Comment from : Science Fact Guide

ryan risked breaking all 5 fingers for us. legend.
Comment from : cheezy

Ashton Hammond
Comment from : Ashton Hammond

Ashton Hammond
So 21 April fools Strange But what a bitch ass dad bro
Comment from : Ashton Hammond

Anas Ansary
Last words was
"April fools hahaha..."

Comment from : Anas Ansary

Moose Monkey
That’s my birthday April 1 st
Comment from : Moose Monkey

Moose Monkey
That’s my birthday April 1st
Comment from : Moose Monkey

Good thing
Comment from : Adrian

Giiing ging fan Senloyy
Was that Ian hecox Saying shut up?
Comment from : Giiing ging fan Senloyy

When you realize he is wearing the exact clothes as his profile pic
Comment from : KFC DORKY

Pretty Girl
You kill a YouTube your underaressted form police
Comment from : Pretty Girl

Wow the name niga
Comment from : mzravenmonique

doge mcdoge
Comment from : doge mcdoge

Smosh copying
Comment from : crusty

Fortnite Galore
Is the oldest April fools joke ever
Comment from : Fortnite Galore

Fortnite Galore
Bruh Whoopee cushion
Comment from : Fortnite Galore

Fay Morgan
Hilarious 😂
Comment from : Fay Morgan

Alexia gacha Lover
Comment from : Alexia gacha Lover

Dev the gamer
are we going to ignore the fact that derrick was the guy looking for that 1 dollar
Comment from : Dev the gamer

Henry Rodriguez

Comment from : Henry Rodriguez

samuel pendon
i forgot about Sean😔
Comment from : samuel pendon

Kk Aa
Just because you through the knife all that happened
Comment from : Kk Aa

Miriam Lopez
I would see that whoope cushin if i was there
Comment from : Miriam Lopez

Herash Gulati
That is going to be painful
Comment from : Herash Gulati

Sandrino Castro
Home Alone: April Fool’s Special
Comment from : Sandrino Castro

Ryan Yang
Comment from : Ryan Yang

Lig ht
When he went 😵 i felt that
Comment from : Lig ht

Vrabiescu Daniel
Why do u use smosh shut up
Comment from : Vrabiescu Daniel

Salty Foot Lettuce
Why did he shoot ryan
Comment from : Salty Foot Lettuce

sanchez rosy
Nigga higga
Nice video tho

Comment from : sanchez rosy

xXDante78Xx O_o
Maybe I can use these traps what Ryan setup and do it to myself

Just that simple

And get shot

Comment from : xXDante78Xx O_o

Abel Shaji
Home alone 1000
Comment from : Abel Shaji

Well that escaleted wuickly

Patrick Star
Does Nigahiga look like evan/vanoss
Comment from : Patrick Star

Phoebe Tamayo
how can ryan be pushed off by dominos and ryan won TEEHEE
Comment from : Phoebe Tamayo

Laura Perry
Could you say happy birthday to me for when ibwas 5
Comment from : Laura Perry

Gogp Hop
he kill him for 1 dollar that's stupid
Comment from : Gogp Hop

Luca Kechagias
Waht was dis
Comment from : Luca Kechagias

Nico Rosberg O. FONTANILLA
Comment from : Nico Rosberg O. FONTANILLA

Why are there some pissed off people in the comments lmao
Comment from : Arkeiou

Comment from : LlL TV

A dollar
Comment from : amedmohamad

Amey Wani
Rip physics...
Shit video
Don't make any more
Please stop idiot

Comment from : Amey Wani

The toxic Channel
I keep passing this video

And never watching it

Comment from : The toxic Channel

SVZE Gaming
Nigahiga said shut upp
Comment from : SVZE Gaming

Gamer kid 5 Plays roblox
How does the poor guy have a gun
Comment from : Gamer kid 5 Plays roblox

Celina Bolandos Vlog
Stop roasting chad or i will block you
Comment from : Celina Bolandos Vlog

2019 anyone
Comment from : 100K SUBSCRIBERS WITH 2 VIDS

Matt Andrade
Comment from : Matt Andrade

Yarelis Mena
Ok that pz9!!!
Comment from : Yarelis Mena

EMT Chunin
Why do I think he planned this for 2 years and hasn't changed the entire April fools prank
Comment from : EMT Chunin

Apollo Mobile Legends
I thought you were .. zach Kin- .. oh well
Comment from : Apollo Mobile Legends

Margarita Garza M
Comment from : Margarita Garza M

The grand tour season 0
Am I the only one who realises that the people singing in the background are singing to the Smurfs song.
Comment from : The grand tour season 0

Allira Hemepo
I love island
Comment from : Allira Hemepo

tluang thang
It’s The blood is fake it’s just catch up
Comment from : tluang thang

That “blood” looks like hot sauce
Comment from : GeekHacker

Ahmedboys skyline r34
JUST SUTE UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Comment from : Ahmedboys skyline r34

Just came from Pranks Gone Too Far

The irony ...

Comment from : Ethan

Best suicide eevveerrrrr!!!!
Comment from : LM291007ツ

Juan Nieblas
Comment from : Juan Nieblas

Lucia Laniecki
Sean is not with us
Comment from : Lucia Laniecki

Stephanie Cipollone
Comment from : Stephanie Cipollone

Awesome pranks!!!
Comment from : MsHlovatefan

Abigail butarbutar
Why just can you trow it out and den sit
Comment from : Abigail butarbutar

myren vargas
I want the last song hehe
Comment from : myren vargas

Khojee Ukey
that SHUT UP reminded me of smosh and I like that so much 😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Khojee Ukey

Shukri Abdullahi
Lol my mom's birthday is on April fool's (hehe)
Comment from : Shukri Abdullahi

Angel Ruiz
He could of just move the woopy coution
Comment from : Angel Ruiz

sam 's gaming
Or should Isay nigga higa
Comment from : sam 's gaming

sam 's gaming
Fuck you nigahiga
Comment from : sam 's gaming

sean obrien
2:33 Pause right at that time it’s hilarious 😂
Comment from : sean obrien

Jose Huerta
He put smosh SHUTUP at the end
Comment from : Jose Huerta

Sandra Mota
Is a april foo day
Comment from : Sandra Mota

Gaea Ahrdta Xiomara
ryan roast chad
Comment from : Gaea Ahrdta Xiomara

* c a n d y *
Comment from : * c a n d y *

april Sheaks
My name is April and i was born an April isnt that cool
Comment from : april Sheaks

mae gregg
Comment from : mae gregg

Ndnx Shhs
Oh no rip you youtber

Comment from : Ndnx Shhs

RyanLovesGaming YT
Home alone 3
Comment from : RyanLovesGaming YT

samuel and games Gonzalez
Comment from : samuel and games Gonzalez

Erkan Dogan
Video: legos le le le gos
Video: teehee ta tee he he
Also video but the bully part: S WORD

Comment from : Erkan Dogan

SEN luvv

Comment from : SEN luvv

Cheryl McCarthy
Why didn't he move the whoopie c
Comment from : Cheryl McCarthy

The amount of commitment Ryan puts in his videos is mind blowing

Like falling down the stairs in to legos

Comment from : standoff123

Angeal yang pro game Yang
Teehee shut up!
Comment from : Angeal yang pro game Yang

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