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Brandon Lee's death was caused by wadding that was trapped in the barrel of the revolver in addition to the wadding fired from the cartridge. Had the barrel been cleaned prior, he would have very likely survived.
Comment from : 47

Peter Raab
It's NOT a weapon, it's a Firearm
Comment from : Peter Raab

King Carrot
Guys seriously shut the fuck up we want to hear the shots and not all this talking!


Comment from : King Carrot

Owen Wolf Co.
I’m feeling good today because I found a company that sells .30-06 blanks, 100 rounds for $65.
I’m ready for my next trench war with my M1917 Enfield

Comment from : Owen Wolf Co.

Gwyn's Last Knight
I just had a thought...Why the hell do they use blank rounds for a dramatic flash if real guns don't always have them?
Comment from : Gwyn's Last Knight

Ps4 WizardCloud9062
Blanks donut shoot it’s the Air Force
Comment from : Ps4 WizardCloud9062

Primo Yliaster
You watch Die Hard 2?
There's a scene where they use live bullets & blanks.

Comment from : Primo Yliaster

Manfred Diedrich
Heyyyy Corey I shot that guy and laughed when his BAR went down during the battle
Comment from : Manfred Diedrich

Zach S
How important is head spacing on an old surplus rifle when firing blanks?
Comment from : Zach S

Trendsetter Ranbir
Checkout my content as well.
Comment from : Trendsetter Ranbir

Gat Mack
So shooting blanks. Does it still shoot a projectile?
Comment from : Gat Mack

LOOK at this guy hairs wtff
Comment from : VORTEX

A great way to have fun,and waste a shit load of money in the process.
Comment from : GTR MAN

Bradley Stegall
my dad's been shooting blanks sense 2004
Comment from : Bradley Stegall

Leonardo John Reyes
Brandon Lee's death was no blank it was a live round. Some MF inserted that live round purposely to kill him, the whole production Carolco studios Ed Pressman and his bitch ass crew did it purposely b4 they go bankrupt. Oh yeah, De Laurenthis fam also who made Dragon knew all about it. Yea you made youre $$$ see u in heaven bitches!
Comment from : Leonardo John Reyes

Death Wish
Are live blanks legal in the UK?
Comment from : Death Wish

Communist Puppy
Not enough Kalashnikov's
Comment from : Communist Puppy

Hell Raiser
Dude.. usmc dont wear that thing on their head... u look stupid..
Comment from : Hell Raiser

Patrick Mwakitwange
all this talking and i have not heard a definition of a blank bullet
Comment from : Patrick Mwakitwange

i dont know a good name there was no good name
i thought this video was named "Shooting Banks"
Comment from : i dont know a good name there was no good name

2:00 Holy shit the way he squeezes the trigger annoyed the ever living fuck out of me.
Comment from : Danlight

JB TV Jake JB Northernrat TV
You two dicks going back and forth sounds corny
Comment from : JB TV Jake JB Northernrat TV

martin pikart
Comment from : martin pikart

Niko Vainio
3:17 Finnish servise rifle RK-62 whit a blank-firing adaptor or sysäyksenvahvistin.
Comment from : Niko Vainio

I hope my "gun" never shoots "blanket" If you know what iam saying.
Comment from : IIFaDedII

Mason C
There was a an actor that put a gun with blanks to her head and the pressure alone killed her
Comment from : Mason C

Daniel S.P.
Stray bullets are attracted to farbs.
Comment from : Daniel S.P.

If you are shooting blanks, you should probably see your doctor. 😀
Comment from : BedsitBob

Wtf you idiot
So it says brandon died by a squib load propelled by a blank isnt a squib load when a firearm malfunctions and the bullet gets stuck in thr barrel (basically) so they shot a gun that had already malfunctioned n had a bullet stuck inside which the squib load launchd?
Comment from : Wtf you idiot

Never seen a marine wearing some fucking jungle safari hat
Comment from : DIEorSK87273

macross 7k
Can you load and fire those 9mm blank ammo in a real 9mm pistol?
Comment from : macross 7k

robs bank
gets chased by cops
shoots at cops
shoots blanks

Comment from : Furret

Slim Fit Holsters
All those blanks are the cheapest stuff you can get there are companies out there that make really good blanks like Atlantic wall and joe Swanson, Your rifle will function a lot smoother.
Comment from : Slim Fit Holsters

So... blanks produce a flash and live ammunition doesn’t?
Comment from : ThatOneWithTheFace

Is there an AK rechambered in 5.56 lol
Comment from : ZER0 GAMEPLAY

Nephi Silver
I actually have some blanks it's for my golf ball launcher it's a lot of fun !!! But they say some of the Hollywood blanks are too hot for it....
Comment from : Nephi Silver

I fuck anime girls
0:19 did this man just bust a nut?
Comment from : I fuck anime girls

servant of jesus
Lol theese boys are so white. Its awesome. They look like they are playing white people they are so whitelol oh god i love this channel.
Comment from : servant of jesus

2000's kid
Who else heard the hitmarker in the middle of the vid
Comment from : 2000's kid

lil broomstick
That's a personal problem
Comment from : lil broomstick

kaz 69
Put an Airsoft BB in one of those blanks, lol
Comment from : kaz 69

thats not true that blanks cant cycle the action. In the military we were shooting blank 5,56mm Nato rounds on the STG 77 A1 (=AUG A1) and they always cycled the action properly and loaded a new round
Comment from : roteroktober420

Dr Exe
blanks still set free an explosion idk how ppl abuse them
Comment from : Dr Exe

emil falk
those two are def repressed homosexuals
Comment from : emil falk

Redgren Grumbholdt
ive been shooting blanks since 1988
Comment from : Redgren Grumbholdt

So-so Samsonov
In Your Old LADY!
Comment from : So-so Samsonov

Just Another person
I dont use blank i use the real deal
Comment from : Just Another person

1:38 wtf is john goodman doing there
Comment from : alldud13

Zikki Toulouras
How the fuck they do bleeding and killings and holes on the walls?scarface for example
Comment from : Zikki Toulouras

Hunter Pinson
I hate when you going at it for so long you just shooting blanks
Comment from : Hunter Pinson

The audio is off
Comment from : DrunkMouse2030

Alex Durst
Why do some of the blanks loot different
Comment from : Alex Durst

atlanticwallblanks.com is one of the best and most reliable sites you can buy blanks from, i get red-tipped 8mm mauser blanks from here to reenact with and holy crap are they loud
Comment from : Obscurify

Aleksi Tuononen
Photo at 3:18 probably from finnish army
Comment from : Aleksi Tuononen

Your average Savage
That m1 garand shoots 30-06 not .308
Comment from : Your average Savage

tyler roberts
I should note, you dont need a bfa if you're shooting a blowback gun (the m1911, and the m3 smg, for instance)
Comment from : tyler roberts

Damn that sucks... you shoot blanks....😂
Comment from : VitalCubeGaming

Blood Eagle 88
Blank rounds used in every mass shooting hoax to stage the sound of real gun fire.
Comment from : Blood Eagle 88

Tank Destroyer57
I had to make it 270 when I seem it was 269
Comment from : Tank Destroyer57

Erik Young
had a 30-06 blank blow the gas cylinder off my M1 at an event
Comment from : Erik Young

I love that guys USMC shirt. Gosh darn it, wish I had I had it!
Comment from : Sargento

Travis  Yap
Blank rounds are extremely dirty compared to live rounds
Comment from : Travis Yap

Blanks throw alot of pressure out the barrel, it's dangerous.
Comment from : John

Corey smokes let's go
Comment from : Southwest179

Raja Reyhan Jafar
What's the song name of the outro?
Comment from : Raja Reyhan Jafar

The Corbill
165,201st view. i just felt like saying that
Comment from : The Corbill

2:00 Sometimes I forget how ugly the 1903 Springfield is sometimes, even if it is dressed up nice for a ww1 gun, for some reason it just doesn't look right.
Comment from : Merryweather

abc abc
blanks are like taking a nice shit and nothing comes out lol
Comment from : abc abc

Grant Lytch
Stolen valor
Comment from : Grant Lytch

Donnie Lovedahl
This guy made me realize how not nerdy I am lol.
Comment from : Donnie Lovedahl

Muddy Boots32
I found a few boxes of blanks and green tip ammo someone threw away after hurricane Harvey. They didn't look wet but could I at least reload the green tips?
Comment from : Muddy Boots32

larpers reenactors
Comment from : KERCHIRGA

Quentin W
I already heard of an very sad accident with blanks in our military. Someone got shoot because his comrade thought it was a good idea to get rid of the stuck cleaning stuff(stick and oily paper), with a blank round. And yes, the wasn't stuck anymore, but the oiled stuff made a nasty wound.
Comment from : Quentin W

Federico Olivares
actually, Hollywood has suffered of live and blank crossover, the son of Jackie Chan died while filming a scene where he was shot, the thing is, it was not a blank
Comment from : Federico Olivares

Matthew Majane
Maybe get a host that acts alive and not half dead...
Comment from : Matthew Majane

XXX_Billy_XXX Blaze_Weed
I have two clips of blanks from WW2 for the K98
Comment from : XXX_Billy_XXX Blaze_Weed

i've been shooting blanks for a while. I had to get a vasectomy, tho
Comment from : mason

Garrett Smith
I came for the comments and I was not disappointed
Comment from : Garrett Smith

Gary Coleman
we have a lot of that "german style" blanks in the norwegian military. Except they are red and called "Red-farts"
Comment from : Gary Coleman

Do blanks have recoil

Sorry If This is a dumb question but I Am curious

Comment from : WoefieGames

That's why there is no recoil in movies.
Comment from : Kaldenavn

What about shooting blacks?
Comment from : Silberreich

kazuki mad
nealy zero recoil
Comment from : kazuki mad

I had a vasectomy last year and have been shooting blanks ever since.
Comment from : jessdigs

blasts shooting stars
Comment from : Fritz

Ken Frazier
You two are what we would get if we split Shia LaBeouf's facial features in half, deflated his ego, and took away his fortune.
Comment from : Ken Frazier

Destroying Things
They look like tampons
Comment from : Destroying Things

Braydon Connally
'reenacts for almost 10 years' 'still doesn't know how to say Garand properly'
Comment from : Braydon Connally

I want to know why reenactors are all so fat?
Comment from : Starlesslemon

It does happen in Hollywood... Ever see the Crow?
Comment from : Starlesslemon

Fermin Valdivia
Cory looks like a dip..........
Comment from : Fermin Valdivia

the military BFAs aren't to show that its not alive fire weapon it actually acts as a bullet catch so if you were to fire a live round it should be caught by the BFA older BFAs only did it once newer ones are to catch up to 5 rounds
Comment from : indeed

The flip side 14
Stolen valor little?
Comment from : The flip side 14

If you are in the infantry you fucking hate blanks
Comment from : mrgamingking18

Noa Mason
Join the actual Marine Corp puss boy
Comment from : Noa Mason

So gay
Comment from : Sharkson77

Joe Blue
3:00 nice try
Comment from : Joe Blue

Matt Fleming
Had to stop when he used an m1 and said 308.... fuck out of here.....
Comment from : Matt Fleming

DainBramaged 4Lyf
Unfortunately you guys didn't mention the erosive effects blank cartridges have on bores which is especially harmful for historic and/or antique weapons.
Comment from : DainBramaged 4Lyf

The Bench
Good vid learned some interesting stuff
Comment from : The Bench

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