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Top Traders
For anyone outside of the USA, Blueberry markets is a reputable broker that our students use! Good regulation and a good group of guys. This is best for anyone going live.. application.blueberrymarkets.com/refer/14891
Comment from : Top Traders

Kapta Collins
how about pepperstone?
Comment from : Kapta Collins

Virgil Haja
What about XM?
Comment from : Virgil Haja

Elisio Zau
Traders that can overlook the mental/behaviourism aspect of trading.... Watch this video ....

Comment from : Elisio Zau

What do you all think about FX Choice?
Comment from : J W

Wirono San
How about IQ OPTION..?
Comment from : Wirono San

Pun Jab I
Dodd-Frank liberal retardation ruined Forex in USA!
Comment from : Pun Jab I

Albert Tabian
I am using meta trader5 gulfbrokers1 can u tell me if it is legit?
Comment from : Albert Tabian

PD 2
What about tickmill ?
Comment from : PD 2

Can you guys check out IG-US?
Comment from : vJDiZZ

Frikkie Oosthuizen
All brokers is scammers theives liers!!!!!!!
Comment from : Frikkie Oosthuizen

Ricardo Ceron
Eagle FX ?
Comment from : Ricardo Ceron

Ron Miller
You can make money with NADEX
Comment from : Ron Miller

Enoch Banda
What about exness how is that broker
Comment from : Enoch Banda

ahsanullah shanto
Forex is a fast growing market and along with the growth a
number of trading brokers are being developed with an eye to welfare traders.
At the same time, we are noticing the inclination of scamming among brokers.
But verily to say that FXDirects is a scam free regulated broker and it is
legalized by FMRRC indeed.

Comment from : ahsanullah shanto

Hiddo Network
If you are reading this you will be successful one day
Comment from : Hiddo Network

Outer Space
What do you guys think of CMC Markets for CFD Forex trading?
Comment from : Outer Space

Teenage Desmond Awaseb
Hey guys can you help me fine out if superforex broker and forextime broker are good brokers
Comment from : Teenage Desmond Awaseb

Cedric Holmes
I use oanda and my profit are great... I started with a demo account then started trades in my actual account...
Comment from : Cedric Holmes

It’s all scam
Comment from : ThePersonGamingHd

ronald r h everon
Beware of oinvest and BTSAVE.net,these two fx brokers are scam,they cheat you money.
Comment from : ronald r h everon

Sean Grove-Cowan
trydaytrading.com these guys are total scammers...The guy Hiram claims 96% wins..pay for the bs signal software. you check his fb account and see all the phone actors in their web site as his Facebook friends. The google reviews that are positive are all fake too-even his wife posted on there...crazy scammers--please check them out and post to protect newbies from these guys ...I trade stocks not forex but went to their "free" workshop to see what they had to say because their other company name is day trade smart it doesn't say forex just day trade more bs on their end..
Comment from : Sean Grove-Cowan

Team Skovhugger
What about Binarycent???🤔
Comment from : Team Skovhugger

Is kot4x a good broker?
Comment from : yeahyeah

Delight Samkennedy
Please is FXTM legit, (forex time)
Comment from : Delight Samkennedy

brian taveras
is FX choice a good broker ?
Comment from : brian taveras

Eyimofe Otuedon
What of FXTM
Comment from : Eyimofe Otuedon

Charlie Elmore
Hey guys any comments on EuropeFX?
Comment from : Charlie Elmore

how about fxprimus and trademax global?
Comment from : Junniver

which part did u guys mention hugosway I didnt catch it
Comment from : GOgetAlifeKiiD

Aazib Khan
My broker is Octa Fx Good service in india.
Comment from : Aazib Khan

Aguilar Dennis
Charting was so difficult to learn, after spending more time on it, yet i still can't figure out why i loss a trade with brokers and no matter how many times that I decide to go with the flow and let life “work out,” in the end we all make decisions that will have a lasting impact. i make my earnings now learning and copying trades from Lukasz Wilhelm IQD momentum strategy, who is considered a momentum trader. i trade against currency pairs and commodities on my live trade chart.
Comment from : Aguilar Dennis

donald carter
First link is broken and there is no pricing on your site. Why would I try a demo with out any pricing info. Up front pricing is needed.
Comment from : donald carter

Bit Hodl
FBS is good in my book.
Comment from : Bit Hodl

Morteza Amirmiran
how is this one? www.icmcapital.com
Comment from : Morteza Amirmiran

Musa Ndlovu
How about LCG?
Comment from : Musa Ndlovu

Sree Bhava
Ava Trade forex broker is Genuine?
Comment from : Sree Bhava

Saruni Shuaka
Fly9s? How abaout these guys please?
Comment from : Saruni Shuaka

I'm looking for a broker in South Africa/Namibia. Which one do you recommend? for beginners like me?

Chewie Canagan
Is umarkets bad or scam broker? Pls help me guys
Comment from : Chewie Canagan

Brandan Adams
Have you heard of JP Markets
Comment from : Brandan Adams

Cars and speed Enthusiast
What about lmfx? Are they good ?
Comment from : Cars and speed Enthusiast

Galactus G
How do y’all feel about IG group??
Comment from : Galactus G

Thapelo Ramphisa24
Can u do a video on xmglobal
Comment from : Thapelo Ramphisa24

Comment from : Mzitto

Prince Mnisi
hi im from south Africa I have Xm broker and market. com ,and ic market a they all legit?
Comment from : Prince Mnisi

so where's the list of fake brokers?
Comment from : xMortalBlade

Jeffery White
Trading BO/Forex can either be your worthwhile or quite your downfall, it’s like betting on black and red in roulette it’s a 70/30 chance.All you need is a good strategy that guarantees you of winning your invested funds.For the best strategy which has made many traders successful trading BO/Forex or you are having problems withdrawing your funds from your broker and you wish to get your money out, Kindly contact me via WhatsApp on +1 (267) 725-1892 or email jefferyw410@gmail.com

Note: I don’t charge for my services all i require is for you to give 10% of your earning to the less privileged and i can guarantee you a minimum of $20k weekly.

Comment from : Jeffery White

Pleasant View Productions
Thats funny you say its impossible to make money with binary options. False. This is where I stop watching. Thumbs down
Comment from : Pleasant View Productions

I invested $300 into my account after 7 days there was $12,000 in my account. When it was time to withdrawal he showed me a receipt stating forex is holding my money until I pay $1,056 for connivence and tax fees. Is this fraud?
Comment from : FLAWLESS_ LYFE_

Freezer Dweller
Living in north America it's hard to find a regulated forex broker.
Comment from : Freezer Dweller

Freezer Dweller
I use blackbull markets in New Zealand. The reviews are great.
Comment from : Freezer Dweller

Obilo Ejigini
Is IC Markets good to trade too?
Comment from : Obilo Ejigini

Dan Babani
What do u think about Equiti broker ? Please
Comment from : Dan Babani

Is LQDFX legit? I need some leverage. Oanda only provide 1: 50
Comment from : WhatsUp

Anthony Figueroa
Can you tell me why Oanda doesn’t allow me to trade crypto, energy, etc..?
Comment from : Anthony Figueroa

Given Vaaltyn
What do you guys know about them? Made quite a few deposits,was recently told to pay 10%management fee before they send me my money to withdraw because brokers claims he's been robbed before by paying his clients first then they don't pay him his 10% brokers fee
Please gents what do you think?

Comment from : Given Vaaltyn

Lolita Daradar
I wanna know if umarkets is legit broker
Comment from : Lolita Daradar

Houssam Eddine
Guys, what about ingotbrokers?? Are they legit???
Comment from : Houssam Eddine

Saebo Forex
Oanda is upfront b book. If you haven't figured that out by their second-by-second swap system, what credibility does this channel has
Comment from : Saebo Forex

Which broker is best for UK? And plus a review on Bdswiss and Merit broker guys?
Comment from : DonNeverGivesUp

Binary Boss
one of the best brokers FXPRIMUS

Comment from : Binary Boss

Tshishinge Munewazwo
What do u guys think about exness?
Comment from : Tshishinge Munewazwo

Where is the list
Comment from : Cam

Hi, what about GrandCapital?
Comment from : bruno1pinto1

BitCoin Zen
Hi folks, be aware of a new forex scam FXReview.com. They lock in your investment and don’t let you withdraw, with the excuse you need to make your first trade. This happened to one of my friends. He was then guided through his first trade and within hours the capital was 100% liquidated. Be very careful and only sign up with regulated forex traders.
Comment from : BitCoin Zen

Check out ATFX.
Comment from : sd61984

Luis Alves
Comment from : Luis Alves

joel naag
How about i.q option.? Does it real and legit broker?
Comment from : joel naag

Adams Modupe
Comment from : Adams Modupe

Dirash Pillay
I was scammed out of $512000.00
By avatrade...I am currently taking them to court. Kindly advise.

Comment from : Dirash Pillay

HARRIS vincy
guys what do you think about XM is a good broker or not
Comment from : HARRIS vincy

Cheng Ee Liu
Daweda Exchange limited ? What’s ur opinion on this broker with a CySec regulation?
Comment from : Cheng Ee Liu

Mr Pots
what about XM Global? are they trusted?
Comment from : Mr Pots

Yukine Hanazawa
Who here is trading on HOTFOREX and what do u think personally is it great broker or bad broker?
Comment from : Yukine Hanazawa

Comment from : Sutaye

Trevor Conley
Comment from : Trevor Conley

Chix Gaming
Hello sir,..How about OLYMP TRADE broker?
Comment from : Chix Gaming

Well my leverage is 1/500 I deposited £300 and now my balance is at £41000 Plus.
Yes my lots size where crazy but if you know what your doing and confident then go for it 💪🏽 but I wouldn’t recommended to new traders, it takes time and a lot of knowledge.

Comment from : SA.Khan.

What do you think of exness?
Comment from : mama

S Sym
What about vantage fx?
Comment from : S Sym

So which broker are you using? Im currently with plus500 and im aware pf their practices, lately i had few invisible spikes take out my stops, and would like to find something else with decent leverage, thanks.
Comment from : user123

Hristo Markov
What do you think of DF Markets?
Comment from : Hristo Markov

Frederick Yirenkyi
Trading 212
Comment from : Frederick Yirenkyi

Iraj Matthee
My current broker is FXTM and thinking of moving to Exness. What do you think?
Comment from : Iraj Matthee

marcin wrobel
I believe it's a scam (they are working with Forex scams like Algotechs)

Comment from : marcin wrobel

How about CMC markets are they good to trade with.
Comment from : MegaShanes1

TheChic Lyfe
Fxopen and SimpleFx?
Comment from : TheChic Lyfe

Shawn Marsh
can you guys let me know list of ECN brokers in forex for US citizens ..thanks
Comment from : Shawn Marsh

Shebeer n j
Pls about Admiral markets
Comment from : Shebeer n j

PAXFOREX ( THE BEST ) you can't beat their low spreads and no commission.
Comment from : tigerslear

Arash Shukran
Comment from : Arash Shukran

Personally, I would never, ever open an account with a company that is a Market Maker or Dealing Desk. Don't even get me started on it. Simply put, they're CROOKS!! They will Stop you out 99% of the time by trading againstt you. These companies should be shut down permanently period! The liquidity reason is a huge bull shiyat! It's just a nicer way for them to say we're going to rob you blind and there's nothing you can do about it. If I recall correctly, FXCM had been fined multiple times by the millions. So that said, what U.S. Broker do you recommend that's an ECN and charge Commissions? Hopefully, you'll read this thread and offer the name or names of companies. Thank you!
Comment from : noone

C Sanowar
XM broker ?
Comment from : C Sanowar

Moshebenon n
Oando broker has 3.8 revieuw on playstore soo
Comment from : Moshebenon n

Justin White
Comment from : Justin White

Thabo Morudu
Axitrader do you guys recommend??
Comment from : Thabo Morudu

EL Diegin
IG FX is a great broker
Comment from : EL Diegin

ang channel ni LS
fo me best brokers are xm and fbs tested 3 years ago,fast withdrawal
Comment from : ang channel ni LS

Leonardo Neromba
what do you think of blue berry markets,are they good brooker.
Comment from : Leonardo Neromba

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