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Shade H4YD3
Your face is actually cringey sometimes
Comment from : Shade H4YD3

Vicki Anquetil
I will go awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww if you did that spider prank
Comment from : Vicki Anquetil

Ian Duncan
the best one I like is when you tip the cup and put it under your arm and then you crack your head and then it seemed like a noise that's cool
Comment from : Ian Duncan

Jesse The Gemmy Collector
6:10 It never works cuz they feel the cold of the soap
Comment from : Jesse The Gemmy Collector

100 subscribers with no life challenge
I saW tHIs viDEO aFTeR aPrIL foOLS dAY

Comment from : 100 subscribers with no life challenge

Mary Craig
Comment from : Mary Craig

Glitter on top of the ceiling fan
Comment from : woohunter1

What if he said DONT TRY THIS AT HOME 😅😅🤣🤣
Comment from : LIL Tim

well the water prank did work so i put it on my moms bathroom door on top of it and put a cup of water on the door so when she needed to use the bathroom she opened the door and the water spilled everywhere!
Comment from : LucasPerkz

BubbleGum DumbDumb
I just did one of these pranks and now I’m grounded🤠
Comment from : BubbleGum DumbDumb

Woah Nelly!!!
My birthday
Comment from : Woah Nelly!!!

Book of shadows contributor Brian
These don't lift morale.
Comment from : Book of shadows contributor Brian

Chloe Anne
My mom ruined the prank I was trying to do and it was amazing and I’m so mad at her!
Comment from : Chloe Anne

Md Sarker
The Oreo one I pulled on my mom she was so mad
Comment from : Md Sarker

Mariya Kotakova
Who is watching this on April fools?
Comment from : Mariya Kotakova

Brady Clark
Just go with the classic "monsters Inc earrape" gag, it gets them every time!
Comment from : Brady Clark

Jennifer Castellanos
If you are lazy like me take a post it more on it write sorry for the damage and put it on something they will look for ever
Comment from : Jennifer Castellanos

Daniel Irving
this is how you make somebody fight you have no friends after
Comment from : Daniel Irving

Mascara Geek
You'd have to turn the clocks ahead an hour for hem to be early, not back.
Comment from : Mascara Geek

The cooler flamingo
I put onion powder in a peanut butter sandwich he didn’t eat it so I threw it at him
Comment from : The cooler flamingo

amanza Smith
Thank you that really helped
Comment from : amanza Smith

Wubba Wubba
This guy reuses the same pranks for every video
Comment from : Wubba Wubba

Chatt0n_ n0ir
Who’s watching on April fools day

Question: are you the pranked today or the one to be PRANKED MUAHAHHAHAHA MUAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA

Comment from : Chatt0n_ n0ir

LayLayAndTheUnicorn Family
I panted pranks everywhere then i will at school this is my sacred duty now.
Comment from : LayLayAndTheUnicorn Family

PoJo -
I no wot I'm soon
Comment from : PoJo -

Savanah Yo
Dude these pranks are classic lol
Comment from : Savanah Yo

Savanah Yo
Hes got some crazy eyes
Comment from : Savanah Yo

Julia Artz
Heheheh get ready mom and dad
Comment from : Julia Artz

Hoveland Breanna
It’s March 31st and it’s also 11:47 so thx so much and I’m doing pretty much all of these
Comment from : Hoveland Breanna

Alexandra Nava
Ok say what now??
Comment from : Alexandra Nava

Emily :3
Comment from : Emily :3

Jody Wieberg
Lol the toothpaste 1 would just backfire on me other than my parents I'm the only one who brushes my teeth.. also if someone messes with my bathroom I will mess you up😂 I'm serious
Comment from : Jody Wieberg

123rd comment
Comment from : Taralicious

Ronan Hayes
Unplug your brothers charger so when he thinks it’s charging it’s not
Comment from : Ronan Hayes

David Arndt
Put Saran Wrap on the toilet and make sure it is on there tight. If it is on there tight enough, people won't see it. Then, they will piss on it!
Fun to do in public restrooms. Put some on urinals to.

Comment from : David Arndt

None of that was funny wtf
Comment from : TheAwesomeDragon

Comment from : Achla

Natalie Gallo
I thought April fools was today so I did a joke on my dad.
Comment from : Natalie Gallo

Mary Balls
You're the ultimate fun asshole!!! I love this! Thank you so much!
Comment from : Mary Balls

TIdoubleFANIE Lyn
Back an hour wouldn't they be late instead of early? Put them ahead an hour right?!
Comment from : TIdoubleFANIE Lyn

Exotic Winger
For tomorrow >:)
Comment from : Exotic Winger

haidies the mutt
Im coming for you dad
Comment from : haidies the mutt

The Purple Hawk
1:01, who else cringed?
Comment from : The Purple Hawk

Who else is here in 2019?
Comment from : bluebaby

Sushi Amazing
When you're watching on 3/30/2019
Comment from : Sushi Amazing

Sydney Crawford
My family is gong to get it this year
Comment from : Sydney Crawford

Carson Pullins
Comment from : Carson Pullins

jordan the chilli knight
Put bleach inside a milk container
Comment from : jordan the chilli knight

William Lee
I like the video, and another video is also very interesting - youtu.be/3BwglNcGJj8
Comment from : William Lee

Eli C
i did the caught spider prank one time, but i used a clear container that had a corner over the edge of the bench (with a note saying i caught a huge spider next to it ofc)
Comment from : Eli C

MexicanO Glover
Comment from : MexicanO Glover

Vincent Rodriguez
Here's another one:
You need:
You can choose either:
•Tissue paper and
1. Use knife to cut egg in half and take yolk out.
2. Rinse out the egg.
3. If you used confetti, skip this step: use scissors or a shredder to cut tissue paper into confetti.
4. Place confetti in one side of egg.
5. Place other half on top of egg and tape together.
It will look like a normal egg, and now you can do two things with this:
a. Put it back in carton; when someone cracks it, there will be confetti inside instead of the yolk!
b. Smash it on someone's head! There will only be confetti, not egg yolk inside it!
Hope this helped! 😘😛😎

Comment from : Vincent Rodriguez

Hailie Harper
haha you know whats even meaner than turning all their clocks back an hour to turn it forward mwahahahaha
Comment from : Hailie Harper

zaib 12001
his pranks are creative
Comment from : zaib 12001

Riyan Kadribegovic
I'm not a hater! Please don't hate me! This is my opinion!

Why is it that whenever somebody uses this prank in videos, they always use the picture in 5:12? It's like everybody either uses the same soap, or everybody uses other's pictures. It's so annoying! Like, even though I get that people don't want to paint a bar of soap, but if you're gonna make a YouTube video on it, do something original!

Also, what was that weird face at the end of every prank? And, you can't use the iMovie “Mosaic” transition after every single prank. It's kind of weird. Use some different ones!

These pranks are terrible! You could at least show them how it's done.

April fools is in APRIL! People probably won't want to dig through their OCTOBER decorations for an APRIL holiday for half of these.

Also, with the whole clocks thing, you're wrong. People would be an hour LATE to everything, not an hour early. I suggest moving the clocks in the other direction, so that if you have like a job interview or something, you can show your would-be boss that you'd be early to everything, not LATE!

With the personal belongings in Jello, while you might have a good laugh, someone's keys or phone or any technological gadget could be seriously damaged by the moisture of the Jello before the hardening process.

Another bad prank is the whole shampoo business. You'd see someone naked if you did that, and with the syrup, really? Would you really want to waste good syrup for a prank? And this goes for all of these pranks. Do you really want to waste your money? Most people actually spend a LOT of money on shampoo. It's kinda scary. But you would be scorned upon by many if you really did this.

Also, most people watch prank videos to see others being pranked, not to know how it is done!!!

With the car one, you do know that most people watching this are probably kids? Adults wouldn't be watching prank videos to get ideas!

The banana one is just weird! Also, if you didn't know, some people are allergic to bananas!

Parents wouldn't want to buy candies just to replace with brussels sprouts. Kids wouldn't know where to get candies like that because their parents would hide the candies from kids! Right? Plus, I don't know any candies with a stick that long, and a candy that small.

With the refrigerator one, come on! The eggs never did anything to you, and I, for one, would not like to waste THAT MANY googly eyes.

Yeah, cause flour really tastes bad you guys, don't try it. (I was being sarcastic.) No, but flour by itself is POISONOUS. Don't do it unless you want to die. Literally, search up “Is flour poisonous?” and look at the results. Frick, both those things are probably already in the cake donuts!

Spoiled milk isn't blue or green. It's white! The only way you can tell that milk is spoiled, is by trying it!

Jello instead of fruit punch? Oh no! Cause both those things taste terrible! (I was being sarcastic again) Whatever shall I do? The only prank here is if someone is allergic to gelatin, and that's really rare! And if they were, it's probably serious and I wouldn't mess around with that!

A lot of people like peaches and yogurt more than eggs. That's not a prank. And you said so yourself in a different video where you ACTUALLY SHOWED HOW IT WAS DONE!

Most people don't have more than one cereal. And if they do, it's the same one as the first! Plus, the bags are see-through, so you can actually tell if someone is doing this. And if your bags are “for some reason” suddenly not see-through, you can tell that they are being a tryhard.

Do I really have to share 40 prank ideas with all of my friends? Can I just share this crappy video instead? Or do you want me to tell them so that they don't have to watch nine minutes and forty-two seconds of crappiness? Remember, every second counts! No, even that stupid show is better than this. They make the episodes longer than the actual game show!!!

I do apologize for making you read all of this. Sorry! I'm only 11, but I have an opinion as well! And I kinda don't wanna subscribe because these vids are crappy! Sorry again, I'm not a hater, just a person with an opinion. Ha! This started out with one rant lol!

Comment from : Riyan Kadribegovic

Ashton Hurley
I got a prank tell your friend can u turn the tv up but you take off the batteries
Comment from : Ashton Hurley

Oof Meme
Flour is actually known to be poisonous by itself! Don’t do the prank where it requires flour!! Seriously, just search “is flour poisonous?”!!!! Don’t do it, guys!
Comment from : Oof Meme

Madeline Fredrick
at 6:01 when you said you put the soap on the other persons hair then you would see them naked
Comment from : Madeline Fredrick

Eva Marie
3:09 such nostalgia, me and my best friend used to prank our sisters when we had sleepovers with that very prank omg thanks for the memories!
Comment from : Eva Marie

Foxy faz88 Zaccagnino
These pranks are terrible LOL
Comment from : Foxy faz88 Zaccagnino

KW Time
Nice video
Comment from : KW Time

Just unsubbed because “pranks” are dead and so is this channel
Comment from : PrecisionSZN

sdrawkcab YT
There's 1 I've done
1. Empty a cider/beer bottle
2. Fill with vinegar
3. Give to some one
4. Wait

Comment from : sdrawkcab YT

David Buzzin
👍😉🇺🇸anything with crappin (toilet fun) loved them all❤
Comment from : David Buzzin

Blue Cartoonz22
You remind me of Joe Dirt
Comment from : Blue Cartoonz22

Headphone Pasta
Comment from : Headphone Pasta

Deuce 1027
Omg you are evil. Btw this is the 65th comment
Comment from : Deuce 1027

Otto Prem
Nice video mate!
Comment from : Otto Prem

Sabrina Menges
It’s really frustrating that he isn’t showing the pranks. He is just saying stuff about how to do them, but not actually showing you how to.
Comment from : Sabrina Menges

Master Mind
He is like Tony Stark 😘
Comment from : Master Mind

Danny Tanner
There are a few gems in here, but I'm not sure I like the direction of the channel.
Comment from : Danny Tanner

Anyone notice the poison control warning on toothpaste saying you can DIE if you eat it
Comment from : SHANOOBS !

Some of these are just cruel... the pregnancy one in particular. I'd be SO HAPPY to have a kid, but to then have it turn out to be a stupid joke would be crushing. =( =( =(
Comment from : RealRuler2112

Nikos Nikolis
You changed the lighting ? you look yellow
Comment from : Nikos Nikolis

Marcus Ringer
"Put the cheap batteries in the wrong way in the remote control, (which probably has no reverse polarity protection) and watch them go! PRANKED!!" 😂

Heads up Rich, I'm just joking. 😉

Comment from : Marcus Ringer

matt smith
These are great!
Comment from : matt smith

ChloeLoves Gacha
I remember when you had 8k subs wow
Comment from : ChloeLoves Gacha

GATOK get all types of knowledge
Oh!! it's really fooler tricks bro
Great brother......
Fan from india

I am also a magician
So plzz visit in my channel

Comment from : GATOK get all types of knowledge

Nati Kebede
Comment from : Nati Kebede

Ah I remember the good old days where this guy taught magic. That was the reason I subscribed in the first place. This is getting lame. Like we needed another prank channel on YouTube.
Comment from : Infinite

If you set the clocks back an hour wouldn't the person be an hour late for their appointment? Say I had a 1pm appointment and according to my clock it's 1pm but when I get there it's actually 2pm. If the person did the prank and set my clock an hour ahead when I get to my 1pm appointment according to my clock it's actually only 12pm

Xavier Cruze
These are all tricks from last year and year before. We need something new rich.
Comment from : Xavier Cruze

CooL confuseD teeN
I bet no one can prank u
Comment from : CooL confuseD teeN


iDxbWarrior S
Prank Idea
Scream in your room " I'm Kira"

only Death note fans will now it

Comment from : iDxbWarrior S

Blue Hawk
I dont really like the new "logo" of your channel.
I suggest putting , well .... yourself !

Comment from : Blue Hawk

Yash Jangid
Dude u r amazing
Comment from : Yash Jangid

who wants a cake?
( • - •)
/ ⊃🎂
cost=1 like..

Comment from : A K I F

here early 58th like :D :D
Comment from : Chloelover13

Blue 30
My favorite is the banana i will do it now!!!
Comment from : Blue 30

Morgyn Mikey
Who's stupid
Comment from : Morgyn Mikey

abdul arshed007
unsceen video😱😱 youtu.be/0vQ2psSDeCw
Comment from : abdul arshed007

Um, if you set their clocks back an hour, they will be an hour late to everything, not early. Hopefully they won't miss a doctor's appointment or job interview.
Comment from : EVISCER8

Wishie- Whale
Big family means big pranks thanks for the pranks
Comment from : Wishie- Whale

Joodh 5424
Im gonna be like pranked ya
Comment from : Joodh 5424

Daddy Yo
Rich nice pranks I'm going to challenge myself to do them all 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm serious about this 40 pranks
Comment from : Daddy Yo

Reeta Taneja
I LOVE YOUR VIDS! Also, this is the 12th comment! I think..
Comment from : Reeta Taneja

fluffynugget 14
Mom: your adopted.......April foolllss

Me: mom it's only December

Mom: exactly

Me: ;(

Comment from : fluffynugget 14

Victoria Perez
Comment from : Victoria Perez

Victoria Perez
Comment from : Victoria Perez

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