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jAmie odum
I plAced a buy at market and with no to or tp the trade was going my way but there was no profit and my dollar amount didn't changed can you tell me why
Comment from : jAmie odum

Good Stuff!
Oanda is not easy to learn as compared to TOS.
Do you have a video concerning adding studies and accessing your studies on a practice account.
Thanks again.

Comment from : TDM

How come the zigzag indicator doesn't work? It has n/a and doesn't show any line.
Comment from : Dave

ronald hartley
When looking for an online mentor to trade binary or CFDs with, you should think about Mr Jake who turned a little amount into $35,000 in few days of trading, investors who do not have much ideals in the market, you can check on  jakestephenpro@gmail.com thanks and i wish you the best, greeting from USA
Comment from : ronald hartley

Bert Haimona
Does the chart have a " Pending Order" option? and a " Show Ask Price" also zoom? Cheers.
Comment from : Bert Haimona

Brian Byrne
is there any way to place an order directly on the chart like you can on their app? I find it a lot easier than using the order book because you can physically see your order levels directly on the chart before you place them
Comment from : Brian Byrne

Adrien Leduc
thanks for this video! keep them coming! new to this and need some guidance so these videos are perfect.
Comment from : Adrien Leduc

Can u change to a bid or ask chart on here?
Comment from : Cloppa2000

Everybody says what to do as far as the how to, but NOBODY EVER says if you invest 20 dollars you could make this much. These gimmicks about taking a $150.00 account and making 30k are hype, unless you tell us just how that was done. On Oanda you max out your margin trying that. So if I buy a pip for a dollar and sell it for 3, do I get $3 back? I have been trying this and to make anything above a dollar amount I have to invest my total account and that's with no margin because I used up the account. If I make a profit it is like only $.13 cents on the trade. Where am I wrong?
Comment from : J H

sipho mogopudi
I have a problem with units, i feel like you did not explain well what units are and how they work. so can u pls help me on that.
Comment from : sipho mogopudi

Tim Burton
I'm having a problem figuring out how to add indicators to my add study lists. Indicators I want to use are not listed. Any help would be greatly appreciated
Comment from : Tim Burton

uknown x
I like the MT4 trading platform, if I use MT4 and add Oanda in MT4 as my account, would speads be the same as Oanda?
Comment from : uknown x

I'm having issues figuring out how to use Oanda. Both my Web and desktop download are a different layout and I don't know to find the layout you are using.
Comment from : Albert

Nicholas Filardo
Thanks for the tips. This is a super beginner question, but what's the difference between using the OANDA Platform itself and using MetaTrader 4? I've downloaded both through setting up a demo account with OANDA. Are they interchangeable? How do they sync up together?
Comment from : Nicholas Filardo

Great thanks subed!
Comment from : Awai

Jameel Amadi
how do i zoom into a certain area to draw my support lines and stop losses?
Comment from : Jameel Amadi

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