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Курс евро 30 июля 2014 MPEG4
 Full HD 1080p — 1920х


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Matthew Weathers
Thanks for all the comments! I'm glad you liked the video.

I usually do one of these pranks every semester, so I have several similar videos - See a compilation here: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1B6D9025E883E29A

Comment from : Matthew Weathers

JustIn Gaming
What a nice trick more of this
Comment from : JustIn Gaming

Enes Çolpan
Hah hah! This is a very funny video.
Comment from : Enes Çolpan

Amir A
Everyone wants 24/7 entertainment so professors have become entertainers.
Comment from : Amir A

I got tricked. This vid was posted on March.
Comment from : kutsu

Прости чувак но ты учишься в рашке)
Comment from : _dontwanna_

CGP Grey in the recommended lol
Comment from : Purugio

Check Creeper
Dumb but funny at the same time
Comment from : Check Creeper

Corporate Geezer
Coolest professor ever
Comment from : Corporate Geezer

Refa Miagi
This is what i need in my boring campus life, damnnnnnnnnnn!!!!
Comment from : Refa Miagi

MahmudS GT
Comment from : MahmudS GT

pure romance
This is amazing!
Comment from : pure romance

Kayla Warner
He is a very entertaining teacher. What a way to keep your students engaged and entertained thru the learning process lol
Comment from : Kayla Warner

midnight runner
What a cool professor
Comment from : midnight runner

SulSul Simscita
Amazing!! Wish I had the honor of having you as a professor!!
Comment from : SulSul Simscita

Demon Marauder
That's amazing editing
Comment from : Demon Marauder

Filosofa Stone
That was really cool
Comment from : Filosofa Stone

pikaber vlogs
I WANT this teather
Comment from : pikaber vlogs

fishy fingers
What a cool lecture... Well done sir 👍🏻
Comment from : fishy fingers

Canisha Steenhuisen
Hi! I've been a fan of this video for a while now and for a school project we're trying to create something similar. Could you maybe let me know how you set this up?
Comment from : Canisha Steenhuisen

genial aaa
Eu amo esse professor

Comment from : •[̲̅•S̲̅α̲̅я̲̅α̲̅•]•

Slayer _
This was on March 31st not April 1st
Comment from : Slayer _

Pammy Staton
Comment from : Pammy Staton

How Arin Sees
I luv him soo much...the Maths teachers i had onli screams at us...for evem small small mistakes......i wish we had teachers like him😊
Comment from : How Arin Sees

Meggie YYy
Thats a great use of projector screen.damn D
Comment from : Meggie YYy

king hills
Mi nerd thugz dem out.
Comment from : king hills

MMHaji Official Channel
Did you see this ? 😂

Comment from : MMHaji Official Channel

Clyde Balcom
Best April 1st prank ever.
Comment from : Clyde Balcom

cannibal corpse
it made my day happy...😁😀😆
Comment from : cannibal corpse

Aww man. Now I wanna take his class but I hate math. Lolll
Comment from : lilac819

Nice boy, i love it
Comment from : DEJgamer

Asher Sports Cards
Why do I click on this video every time I see it?
Comment from : Asher Sports Cards

Carlos V
So that’s how you solve X
Comment from : Carlos V

Ace Scudman
16k idiot dislikef this video
Comment from : Ace Scudman

Yellow Apple
I know you want this teacher 😉
Comment from : Yellow Apple

BeKo GaMeR mohamed adel
The perfect prof
Comment from : BeKo GaMeR mohamed adel

Narciso Rojo
Matthew Weathers, thank you for the video, I like it, I use this kind of videos to practice English. Maybe is good idea to continue doing this kind of videos to teach English.
Comment from : Narciso Rojo

Wajahat Shah
Wo wo wo wo. . What a video
Comment from : Wajahat Shah

Meanwhile, In my School :
Teacher comes in and
" So students, last class we discussed about......"

Comment from : BO

Ambuja Rajan
Timely perfect..
Comment from : Ambuja Rajan

Nadee Karunaratne
Hats off to the wonderful professor! Blessings to you! 💛❤️
Comment from : Nadee Karunaratne

Prabhjot Singh
Maths would have been way more fun for many if there were small refreshing pranks like this ....
Comment from : Prabhjot Singh

Fortnite 007
Forurener og hvor meget forurener en diesel bil enlig?
Comment from : Fortnite 007

S. h. 501
We want to be a country, come with me

Comment from : S. h. 501

Ale Baby
This type of teacher makes coming to school feel awesome and makes learning fun!
Comment from : Ale Baby

An Jon
Comment from : An Jon

Wheniejej Shjssj
Imagine paying 20K just to go to university and then you get this in return
Comment from : Wheniejej Shjssj

I think i see how he did it. I think he recorded a series of videos, put them together, and oofed with the young humans minds.
Comment from : xXGalaxieWolfiXx

Raptors FTW
This teacher is a gem
Comment from : Raptors FTW

Ewa Iwanowska
Comment from : Ewa Iwanowska

Paldeep Singh
Comment from : Paldeep Singh

khalil rehman
Just an awesome teacher he's the way he tried to make his students smile ,I'm going to say You deserve more love sir
Comment from : khalil rehman

2:24 "I dnt have time for this BS"
Comment from : xmac

Allie Rod
Best Teacher in the World!!!! 🏅🏆🖊️📔
Comment from : Allie Rod

Nima? Qanday?
Comment from : Nima? Qanday?

Jacob Price
Comment from : Jacob Price

Kim Taetae
Zach King has left the chat
Comment from : Kim Taetae

Harry Potter just pissed himself..
Comment from : ResearcherOne

LB Films
This is awesome ❤️🙌🏾🙌🏾
Comment from : LB Films

Jack Everstone
Youtube 2017:
Youtube 2018:

Comment from : Jack Everstone

Rachael and Friends
Coolest teacher ever lol
Comment from : Rachael and Friends

sdarot online
Comment from : sdarot online

100k subs with no videos
I watched this si many times
Comment from : 100k subs with no videos

What a great guy!
Comment from : pankometa

Like a magician. This is any student dream at 7am or morning class. ✊✊✊ All teachers need to invest in student attention like him haha
Comment from : peacelife

I wanna have yo baby
Comment from : A A

Sekolah Buddhis Paramita
It takes hours or may be days for it...
Comment from : Sekolah Buddhis Paramita

Shaman In-Training

I have paid $13 to watch 3D films that came nowhere near this sheer brilliance. Hollywood needs to take some tips. This is GREAT. And do funny! XD

Comment from : Shaman In-Training

Fire eater 9107
Ah, the internet.
Comment from : Fire eater 9107

Marat stranik05
Где на русском коментарии)))
Comment from : Marat stranik05

Maso YT
Wow 2Mil likes
Comment from : Maso YT

Guli Parpieva
This takes so much time to master it this way ! Bravo keep it up
Comment from : Guli Parpieva

Team Sony
Comment from : Team Sony

Shreshth Raj
It's the first time when YouTube recommendation was actually good.....👍👍👍
Comment from : Shreshth Raj

Jeremy Daigneault
it took too much time and everyone failed the exam
Comment from : Jeremy Daigneault

Udhdbbssb jejejje
Plz help mellow watermeep
Comment from : Udhdbbssb jejejje

Manambina Hates Cannibalism AUTTPH
Comment from : Manambina Hates Cannibalism AUTTPH

I wish more professors and teachers were like you, that must have taken a lot of preparation
Comment from : Spinoraptor777

A. B
I wish my teachers were like this instead of shoving their light saber up my butt hole.
Comment from : A. B

Lemti Lemtil
Is he a teacher or magician?😂
I mean amazing 👌

Comment from : Lemti Lemtil

Is this at UC Merced ?
Comment from : cachemoney9

5p million views btw
Comment from : hi

The Ballroom
Comment from : The Ballroom

Almotasimblah Mustafa
Comment from : Almotasimblah Mustafa

Anime Pasta
0:59 Alinity flashback XD
Comment from : Anime Pasta

Napstablook And sans
How many people who wants this teacher

Comment from : Napstablook And sans

Meanwhile, my class:

instructor: you show up to my classroom late, you can head straight to the Dean.

Comment from : DrRandom

JustFoxin #JFA
This wonderful teacher: does this masterpiece

My teacher: leaves cursor on play button

Comment from : JustFoxin #JFA

1:00 Alinity's father?
Comment from : Matek132

Gracie Marie
50 million views dang
Comment from : Gracie Marie

Benjamin Zurita
Is a best professor forever
Comment from : Benjamin Zurita

GO now!
Using light saber is ridiculous idea.... 🤣 🤣 🤣
Comment from : GO now!

Smash King
Now THIS is what i call a fifth wall break.
P.S. this is the second video i post this type of comment on.

Comment from : Smash King

Audria M.
That’s so cool you teach at Biola. I’m thinking of applying there :)
Comment from : Audria M.

Vampire Gothic
Comment from : Vampire Gothic

Uzzi Fennelli
I saw a guy with 103k likes in his comment. How’s that even possible?
Comment from : Uzzi Fennelli

Makmur Jayakarta
*Ono of the best lecturer in the world" 👍
Comment from : Makmur Jayakarta

Da Kringy Kidz
Lemme guess, we came back a second time?
Comment from : Da Kringy Kidz

I kinda wish my teachers would do something like this...
Comment from : CottonBall

El tío Peluca
Ésos sí son maestros. 👍
Comment from : El tío Peluca

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