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Keepo Keepo
It should be special defensive because MOST of the pokemon that can knock it out are special attackers (Ice, Electric, Pychic). In my opinion it should be used this was opposed to the defensive set.
Comment from : Keepo Keepo

My Murkrow has @ Eviolite, 248 HP 252 Def 8 SpDef
-Mean look
-Perish Song

I use it to break walls.

Comment from : PwnSwag

Ryan Sanford
Another awesome set, this thing would probably wreck face in little cup, where the abras and misdreavous run rampant. Do you have any special sets for Leavanny or Mr. Mime? or something like Cacturne? Because I've had quite some luck using those pokes in NU every now and then
Comment from : Ryan Sanford

Ur te only guy i look forward to
Comment from : jumble332able

U have to uploaf
Comment from : jumble332able

I'll make sure to tell Nicky to try this shit out in LC!
Comment from : P0keMEN

Will u really not be able to post?
Comment from : jumble332able

use this murkrow's set in your next video. please!
Comment from : bullmastercard

spam i hope this helps to get cash or somethin spam
Comment from : jumble332able

Comment from : jumble332able

spami said i would spam
Comment from : jumble332able

Comment from : jumble332able

Hmm.. not bad. Murkrow's an interesting Pokemon, and gotta love abusing Prankster :D
Comment from : Cameruption

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