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Александр зябкин форекс MPEG4
 Full HD 1080p — 1920х


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hellooooo friends
would u try any of these???

Comment from : SSSniperWolf

Corn Tail
Their faces are THIN
Comment from : Corn Tail

when he said "i would stick that thumbtack in her leg" then it got me really deppresed check my tiktok acc @Redsky134 for my story and why i am so depresed from that.
Comment from : vuture.

Ezra Zina
at first i thought my computer broke. Lol
Comment from : Ezra Zina

Sarah Heredia
Yeah I got the weird glitch thing at the end
Comment from : Sarah Heredia

Sarah Heredia
Yes I would try all
Comment from : Sarah Heredia

Wait you have 2 boyfriends?
You have digital next and that other big guy that age a sponge.

Comment from : CoolCatGaming

maristhe Queen
Comment from : maristhe Queen

somthing was wrong with you screen
Comment from : J O

Lourdes Donohue
Love your videos
Comment from : Lourdes Donohue

the screen stretched out and I was scared
i played it back and realized everyone else had it

Comment from : Latte5

MallyBryn YouTube
How the hay!? Did anyone else scroll down to see if anyone else had this problem?
Comment from : MallyBryn YouTube

pugbro25 student
is it just me or did the end camera view change by a ton
Comment from : pugbro25 student

Cute Puppie
Is it a glitch? Or an...


Comment from : Cute Puppie

Hugo Y Kimmie Escuadra
Use whiteout to take the skirt off the ladies sign
Comment from : Hugo Y Kimmie Escuadra

Kittys- How to and more!
Billy: goes to school starving
Billy: slurps up lunch like kirby

Comment from : Kittys- How to and more!

Thanks for this because I sometimes have prank wars with my dad
Comment from : brqkenmoonlight

Garrett Baldwin
the real prank is the editing in the end
Comment from : Garrett Baldwin

Kera Bilodeau
Is she dating digitalnex
Comment from : Kera Bilodeau

daisy and shadow
Comment from : daisy and shadow

daisy and shadow
Comment from : daisy and shadow

daisy and shadow
Well I was thinking it was funny
Comment from : daisy and shadow

XstrikechainX Ferrier
Yeah the glitch
Comment from : XstrikechainX Ferrier

Miss _Tomato
Why did I think my phone was broken
Comment from : Miss _Tomato

Ben Whatever
I cracked my phone
Comment from : Ben Whatever

megan kennedy
what the hell
Comment from : megan kennedy

Barbara Ricoy
I thought I broke my moms tablet
Comment from : Barbara Ricoy

Honey Dew
Bruh your editor did you dirty
Comment from : Honey Dew

karmas an oof
wolf: ~pauses~
nex: i think i broke her
(btw do u like the nick-names)

Comment from : karmas an oof

you can scam boys on the bathroom prank you can prank them with white out
Comment from : Rylie&beyond

MewMix MewMix
What the duck any one else watch this till the end and get this big weird glitch??
Comment from : MewMix MewMix

Araceli Lemus
Al of them
Comment from : Araceli Lemus

Black n’ White studios
Why does the end have. That lag part?!
Comment from : Black n’ White studios

riley mcnaughton
Custard tastes AMAAAAZINNGG
Comment from : riley mcnaughton

Marinette Dupain-Cheng
I'm actually going to use the car damage prank on my parents when April Fools comes around again or i can just prank them 🤔
Comment from : Marinette Dupain-Cheng

HallieJ Wilcut
who else went to the comments to see if it was just you who go the glitch? lol
Comment from : HallieJ Wilcut

Lyrick Gardner
I would try the sponge one
Comment from : Lyrick Gardner

Carina Miranda
I honestly thought that something was up with my screen or something because there faces where stretch
Comment from : Carina Miranda

Dragontastic TV
Technically you can make the girl a guy by taking white out and covering the sides of the skirt, and the middle making a U shape. Mm. I’m a genius.
Comment from : Dragontastic TV

Who else had the screen streched at the end?
Comment from : Abymew

Wow what a nice prank😑 i literally paused my vid for reason😂
Comment from : XxmistyxX

Sandra Green
....... I would do these turn on tik tok and use run sound lol 😂❤💞💖💕💓💗💘🤓💚💜💙💛😎
Comment from : Sandra Green

saima Adnan
I feel like lia is the kind of person that only looks at people's personalities not WHAT they look like
Comment from : saima Adnan

Layla Black
Yaass the bug one
Comment from : Layla Black

xXMelaniePlayz GachaXx
jesus christ lia I though my new phone I got was broken! The end got me good tho
Comment from : xXMelaniePlayz GachaXx

Oceania water
Comment from : Oceania water

Laughing Gas
5:53 What’s better is the computer screen.
Comment from : Laughing Gas

ban shram
with making the boys bathroom into a girls bathroom you can make the girls one into a boys one by twinking or using white out and take out the edge of the skirt and legs with it!
Comment from : ban shram

Kim Pickering
is digital your brother
Comment from : Kim Pickering

Lisa Palumbo
Yeah me to Jonny 😂 lol
Comment from : Lisa Palumbo

Cleve Trevenen
For creation my dance for prisma dance we had to all use the bathroom and I was one of the unlucky ones and I had to use the boys bathroom
Comment from : Cleve Trevenen

Cleve Trevenen
I hate fruit loops
Comment from : Cleve Trevenen

잃어버린Vee Vee
"dig into your frootloops"
WOAH your too young for that.

Comment from : 잃어버린Vee Vee

Nick Detty Vlogs
You have something in your teeth
Comment from : Nick Detty Vlogs

Arianna Young
I legit got so confused at the end and I thought there was something wrong with my computer
Comment from : Arianna Young

Jonny Ward
the end of the vid tho
Comment from : Jonny Ward

Allibug Lol
Nice prank lol

Comment from : Allibug Lol

That blue one just ruins it 🤦‍♀🤦‍♀🤦‍♀
Comment from : Ilove JIMIN

Default Name
I scrolled to see if anyone else saw the glitch too
Comment from : Default Name

Unicorn Poop
What happend at the end
Comment from : Unicorn Poop

Sandra Figueroa
He laughs like a weird dad clown whatever
Comment from : Sandra Figueroa

Tomeka Yanez
Give a like if you love ssspniperwolf👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Comment from : Tomeka Yanez

Lauren Nazer
I thought my iPad was broken because you were stretched out
Comment from : Lauren Nazer

wtf happend to the screen? let me talk to your editor.
Comment from : Allie_Wolfie_Gamez

Avery Terrell
What happend to ur camera it looks weird on th screen
Comment from : Avery Terrell

Pretty Little Psycho
wait r u still dating sausage? confuzzeled
Comment from : Pretty Little Psycho

Anna Stolk
Am i the only one who scrold tru the reactions for the glitch on the end?
Comment from : Anna Stolk

lauren wellington
Comment from : lauren wellington

Look at Digital's face

Comment from : Astronimus

AviChu ♡
The screen started stretching out near the end its probably just a prank she did though.

Like if you went the the comments to see if it wasn’t just you 😂

Comment from : AviChu ♡

Nur Amirah
Why is is it glitching like that?
Comment from : Nur Amirah

Lily Chang
Is it just me, or do Digital and Wolf look like siblings
Comment from : Lily Chang

My birthday on April fools..

i am unlucky nobody believes me

Comment from : Meggy

Dani schuman
Are we gonna talk at how she did most of theses before
Comment from : Dani schuman

Muffin Without you
Who else noticed the glitch at the end? Just me? Okay
Comment from : Muffin Without you

Melannie Cown
I will never understand the hate on M&Ms, Skittles, and Reese's pieces mixed together. It tastes like super sweet Nutella, and it's amazing.
Comment from : Melannie Cown

Cool but crazy studios
You can get the ice cube's at dollar AMA
Comment from : Cool but crazy studios

Wolf Pack
Wtf wlhappen to talk fAcEs lol
Comment from : Wolf Pack

your cam went a bit weird at thr end or maybe its just my 1980 pc -_-
Comment from : TheGachaPartners

Comment from : AnonymousGamingY_T

Kameron Creamer
Damn this doughnut taste dank
Comment from : Kameron Creamer

Princessleaf 22
What happened at the end
Comment from : Princessleaf 22

Pugs Like Donuts
Comment from : Pugs Like Donuts

309 My Life
Am I the only one who heard bone apple teeth instead of bonne appotité
Comment from : 309 My Life

Lebron Jones
10:30 wait is that what i think it is.... PLASTIC STRAW!?!??! SAVE DA TURLES PEEPS
Comment from : Lebron Jones

Delilah 109
Whats wrong with it? Its a sponge cake!
Comment from : Delilah 109

Kathy Gacha UwU
Did anybody else's screens up at the last two
Comment from : Kathy Gacha UwU

james ellis
i am 7
Comment from : james ellis

james ellis
i am subscribed
Comment from : james ellis

james ellis
i love you so mach sssniperwolf
Comment from : james ellis

Tony The king
At my sisters bday party it snowed so I took my shoes of made footprints on somebody's car and squeezed apple juice on the car in front of the footprints this was hilarious
Comment from : Tony The king

Callie Blasco
It’s a sponge cake 😂😂😅😕😐😑
Comment from : Callie Blasco

y'all is my phone broken ot the editing-
Comment from : arianatorbaby

Tyler Nicholson
At the end is quality content
Comment from : Tyler Nicholson

I thought they are doing inappropriate so they do the glitchy thingy on the end its so weird.. Are they checking the video after they edit it😂😂? And I thought ohh it's APRIL FOOLS HAHA
Comment from : Froztiez

The Dragon
my mans tryana bag
Comment from : The Dragon

Nataliz Roze
What in the world is happening at the end?!
Comment from : Nataliz Roze

Unicornz Game Too
Me lel >_<
Comment from : Unicornz Game Too

Connie Vergeer
I am adopted
Comment from : Connie Vergeer

Olivia M
little do you know i am the one who hates donuts
Comment from : Olivia M

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