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Курс евро на 17 июня 2012 года MPEG4
 Full HD 1080p — 1920х


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Great to see a series on this.
Comment from : Observer

WiltChamberlain Trell
I learned nothing from this
Comment from : WiltChamberlain Trell

David Gray
Talk about (fortrade)
Comment from : David Gray

sky chan
Must u pay exchange rate cost to oanda when there is profit?
Comment from : sky chan

Can I use this one to trade forex in Alberta?
Comment from : AN IS ALL

Sarah Gosselin
Hi Etienne! What broker do you recommend for scalping?
Comment from : Sarah Gosselin

Khrystyna Love
I seen a guy made 26,000 in forex trading with another broker and he couldn’t take money out. Is there issues like this with Oanda and how much can you take out from it?
Comment from : Khrystyna Love

Great video! I had a question about Oanda broker. If I fund my account in canadian dollars, is there an exchange fee when I buy EUR/USD for example, since oanda has to change canadian dollars to EUR?
Comment from : the_noble_lefty

Nathan Canady
Go more into depth about the withdrawal
Comment from : Nathan Canady

Manx Missile!
The best thing to me is Oanda's FxTrade phone app. Its GOLD man. I do all my. trades there. And you can enter price and position size sooo easily without calculating anything. Just move horizontal bars on the chart!

Like this post if you are having the same feeling for their phone app!

Comment from : Manx Missile!

Smarmy Fellow
glad i found this channel. great video.

i've had my oanda account since 2007/2008 so i guess that's why my max leverage is 100:1, but then i only use 10:1 (i tend to be conservative and am not in a hurry to make piles of money).

i agree oanda's spreads aren't the best, but then i'm not a scalper (i think scalpers burnout faster than usual, and tend to get too cocky about their success). all my charts are daily charts and my trades tend to be open for days, sometimes a week, so i'm not upset about their spreads.

withdrawing from your oanda account into your bank account makes it easier when you have to pay the taxman :(

Comment from : Smarmy Fellow

Wayne Filkins
Anyone know if Oanda has a referral program?
Comment from : Wayne Filkins

William A Evans
Hello ET
William here and I'm having trouble getting my Password reset with OANDA
free demo trading account . What's the best way to do this because it's taking me everywhere but to the right place , So that I can reset password.

Comment from : William A Evans

Debbie Nelson
Cmc markets
Comment from : Debbie Nelson

what is us based best broker for commodities? specially gold and oil
Comment from : niceuser1234

Onada is not good with withdraw of funds. As you said how can you have profit deposited back in with same method and should not exceed your deposits. its crazy that means you can never withdraw the profit. LOL you can only see it in your account.
Comment from : niceuser1234

Michline Al
Pls review plus500
Comment from : Michline Al

Oanda has finance charge not swap, do you know where to find the amount charged per currency pair?
Comment from : Lunkyful

Keith Good
hi my friend are you from canada good job
Comment from : Keith Good

Can u scale in and out of trades.
Comment from : Bryan

jim price
Peux tu recommender des brokers pour Quebecois a par oanda. Merci
Comment from : jim price

Gabriel Parker
Account verification takes 2 months.
Comment from : Gabriel Parker

Thapelo Mxv
Ur channel keeps me motivated man, thanx a lot

With Oanda, what are the average or max commission charges?

Comment from : Thapelo Mxv

What is the minimum amount of money to start oanda? Like $250?
Comment from : mikedok1

The only issue I have with Oanda is that their spread at the end of trading day widens dramatically (to even 20 pips on major pairs) due to low liquidity in the market. A few times this triggered my stoploss which would not have been triggered if the spread did not widen so much. Any similar experience there?
Comment from : iverson2002939

Are Oanda regulated in Malaysia?

Jonel Gonzalbo
Hi, can I open an Oanda Account here from the Philippines? Thankyou for your response.
Comment from : Jonel Gonzalbo

GoVi Forex
Thanks for the info!
Comment from : GoVi Forex

Ma Kaftamo
Can i use it in Somalia
Comment from : Ma Kaftamo

Mark Angelo Escuadra
Hi I just wanna ask if you really can't demo trade on OANDA using trading view thank you!
Comment from : Mark Angelo Escuadra

Алексей Чигинский
Hi! I am from Russia and wanted to ask: can there be problems with the work and withdrawal of funds for residents of Russia?
Comment from : Алексей Чигинский

TKO Moss
Just got an email from Oanda today saying they will no longer offer service to Hong Kong's residents because of regulations changed. Wondering if you know what regulations has changed, from Hong Kong or Canada or US?
Comment from : TKO Moss

Dennis Mclean
can i make a withdrawal with my visa bank card?
Comment from : Dennis Mclean

I have been using tradersway ecn account for a few years now with no issues. I want to move to a regulated broker so I don't have to worry about my money. I am in the US. I currently use payed version of tradingview for analysis and mt4 to place trades. I want a broker that will work with full version of tradingview. I don't scalp much. what broker would you recommend?
Comment from : ecady450

oo oo
you look autistic
Comment from : oo oo

france Paul
they still around? not bad.. its alright i guess and traders should double check for online feedback and trading conditions, i have to admit i did consider them in the past, but ended up with hotforex for 5 years now, just stick to what work right? best of luck. but definitly oanda is one the pioneers.
Comment from : france Paul

Rolls Costa
Can we use it in UK ???
Comment from : Rolls Costa

Oanda is a great Broker but not from someone who is from the EU , because of the low leverage.
Comment from : ML8593wy

Q milli
i do my technical analysis on tradingview and i'll join oanda soon.
but which charts on tradingview do you use? the FXCM charts or the OANDA charts?
what's best to use ?

Comment from : Q milli

Which us broker would you recommend for day trading?
Comment from : mikehawk

hugh mob
Comment from : hugh mob

Daniel Townsend
Hello, What do you think about trading212 ?? I think they are a rip off and are not in it for your best interest which is making money.
Comment from : Daniel Townsend

U take quite a while to cover what oanda is all about and it’s annoying bud
Comment from : mybiz5975

Dennis Crouse
anyone else having an issue with chart freezing on

Comment from : Dennis Crouse

ET Clarke
on oanda i have to enter trades with multiple positions because i cant reduce my position during a trade
Comment from : ET Clarke

I think Forex is worse than war-time
Comment from : Haran

Karen H
What’s a good broker for a U.S.A. citizen scalping? Thank you!
Comment from : Karen H

Nowayne Samuels
I was also looking forward to a preview rundown on the platform of things you talked about.
Comment from : Nowayne Samuels

Andiamo Lire Forex & Crypto
How is Oanda for news trading?
Comment from : Andiamo Lire Forex & Crypto

jonnie thursday
HI.. I have a question. I currently use ThinkorSwim but it is hard to manage my money on that platform. They force me to use multiple of 1000 or 10000 unit (lot).. so it is hard for me risk 2% on certain pairs due to this limit. Sometimes I have to risk 2.5 or even 3% or 1.5% and so on.... even though I want to risk 2%. How is Oanda different?
Comment from : jonnie thursday

Zen & The Art of Trading
Great video, thanks for doing this. I would have loved to see this video when I first began trading. I started with Oanda and have never looked back. Trading through TradingView is a dream!
Comment from : Zen & The Art of Trading

Mexicano en Filipinas
What do you think or know about IQ Option?
Comment from : Mexicano en Filipinas

Martin Scanlon
Talk about meta trader please boss
Comment from : Martin Scanlon

Jatindar Paul
Hi EC, Which broker is best to trade oil? Particularly Canadian oil ETF's HOU & HOD. Onada is good but can only trade BCOUSD. Is Questrade better than Onada? Thanks.
Comment from : Jatindar Paul

Henderson Sobers
Very good video. Would love to see a comparison between suretrader and cmeg.
Comment from : Henderson Sobers

Memo Hook
nice accent
Comment from : Memo Hook

thịnh trịnh tuấn
I have used Oanda Japan for 2 years now.
Trading account connects to bank account. I can make a transfer in day. no fee
Their trading platform is look like Tradingview, but can not make multiple list.
Few month ago, it can be connected with tradingview. so no need to open Oanda platform any more.
No online customer service (or dont work at all)

Comment from : thịnh trịnh tuấn

Mohd Emran
Hi Etinenne, would you recommend a swap free account as swing trader ? Which reliable broker offer this ?
Comment from : Mohd Emran

Please also talk about FXCM. Thanks
Comment from : quartetMusic

TCC Cake
So does FOREX.COM have tighter spreads for US scalpers. . ? Better than Oanda. . ?
Comment from : TCC Cake

Cappy Pommie
Oanda also has a published API. I found them when I was taking a class to do machine learning in Python (strategy development) and then place trades directly to your Oanda account. I am still working on the setup and have created a demo Oanda account. While researching Oanda, I saw a lot of people upset that profitable trades would turn south overnight and they would get margin calls. Some made claims that the broker was taking the opposite position of their trades. I took those comments with a grain of salt since Oanda is a big name in the business and I did not think they would play such games and risk their reputation. Your thoughts, feedback and experience in these areas (i.e. unexpected loses). Or are you totally satisfied with Oanda?
Comment from : Cappy Pommie

Cappy Pommie
Very nice summary ... thanks
Comment from : Cappy Pommie

Paulo Roberto Oliveira Carneiro
In one of your podcasts you mention you were trying Axitrader. How's your experience with them being like? Also, I am taking Kirill Eremenko's courses on Udemy and it says there he was featured in your show. Would you know which episode that was? Thx
Comment from : Paulo Roberto Oliveira Carneiro

Brenda R
Thank You for this video really like how you broke down the information. Can you talk about Hugo's Way?
Comment from : Brenda R

Joyful Dazza
I am with Saxo in Australia. Can they interface with Tradingview? Your thoughts on Saxo please.
Comment from : Joyful Dazza

Walid Wst
very very important. let's talk about all most famous brokers. thanks.
Comment from : Walid Wst

What you think about fxchoice??
Comment from : theicestorm1000

chris f
Are they regulated?
Comment from : chris f

Jonathan Cabán
Please what do you think about Tradersway???
Comment from : Jonathan Cabán

Corey McCarrick
I love using Oanda for the trade size and their mobile app. fxTrade is a great app and it's good enough that I can trade anywhere. Great information!
Comment from : Corey McCarrick

The Transparent Trader
Good summary! I was using Oanda for a couple of years and found them very good. I would still be using them today but unfortunately they stopped accepting automated orders from third party software for UK residents. I had to switch to Interactive Brokers who are also very good although do have a $10,000 minimum account balance to open an account with.
Comment from : The Transparent Trader

vinod kadlaskar
Please let me know if forex trading is legal in Ukraine and Canada.
Comment from : vinod kadlaskar

Royce Saunders
What you think about AxiTrader?, I’m in canada 🇨🇦 and ic markets was my #1 but they don’t take Canadian clients no more
Comment from : Royce Saunders

Zen Warfighter
How come my broker (Interactive Brokers) spikes my limit price 1 to 1.5 pips down? When I buy it spikes up. I see it spike down and up away from ask and bid price and the spike disappears from the trading screen. My profit target is further away after buying and My P&L drops 15 dollars after selling. This happens all the time . This is even a simulator. Is this build into their platform to create artificial spread? Or are they simulating slippage. Worried they would do that in live trades as well. They sometimes prevent my shares from being sold when I am up in trade. They sometimes prevent me from buying when it is about to pop in my direction. Seems like it is build in their algo to steal money.
Comment from : Zen Warfighter

Out and About with the Nox
A review on ActivTrades would be great.
Comment from : Out and About with the Nox

Fastabiqul Khairaat
Talk about Octafx ...
Comment from : Fastabiqul Khairaat

richard wharton
Comment from : richard wharton

Ali Rasheed
Oanda doesn't allow credit card deposits it has to be debit card.
Comment from : Ali Rasheed

Kyyngg Deno
Talk about tradersway
Comment from : Kyyngg Deno

Mzoxolo Mateza
Comment from : Mzoxolo Mateza

I used oanda as my demo trading and planning to go live this month. Please make a video about fxtm broker.
Comment from : KyuFxTrader

Frederik Langlois
I think oanda no longer accepts credit card funding in Canada. They seem to only accept PayPal and wire transfers now.
Comment from : Frederik Langlois

Vall jo
Why you don't talk about ECN Brokers ? those Brokers don't trade against the traders and hunt the stop loss like Market Makers Brokers do.
Comment from : Vall jo

Wayne Allen
Oanda - I am currently trialing Oanda, as well as Forex.com and Pepperstone. I hate their trade panel,... for example, why cant you visually indicate on the chart your entry and stop, enter your risk in account percentage or amount and then let it calculate the lots/units you need to then place the trade, instead you have to do all these calculations......HELLLOO !!, im using a computer, do it for me, ..it would be quicker and less prone to human error. .. i'd also like to see advanced trailing stops/breakeven options. Its a shame they haven't adopted the native trading-view trade panel.

Forex.com- These guys also use trading view charts, so better trade panel,.. BUT their candle closes are not based on the New York close so not an option for me.

Pepperstone - These guys are great for spreads and use MT4/MT5 so there are a lot of trade panels and otherEA's,... but they don't integrate with Trading View.

So my conclusion so far is to use Tradingview for charting and MT4 or MT5 for placing my trades,....

Comment from : Wayne Allen

Nayib Andraoos
Hi Etienne, thanks for another great video. Do you know how Pepperstone and FXCC are ?
Comment from : Nayib Andraoos

Oanda is currently my broker, they're good!
Comment from : Olivoyl

cheddar bob
i like oandas advanced charting it slick as can be but theres a few area's there lacking with it that i wish they would change:
- be able to create alerts for a particular price level
- they got rid of custom time frames which sucks because i like the 3minute chart for example
- the sunday gaps just appear as a large bar in the direction of the gap which can be confusing
- sometimes latley certain timeframes won't load
- you cant save layout groups like trading view, you have to create an entire different profile which isnt a big deal just a hassle..

Comment from : cheddar bob

Mani Vannan
talk about fxcm and pepperstone
Comment from : Mani Vannan

Rd Apol
Talk about fxpro please.
Comment from : Rd Apol

Desmond Toh
Thanks for another great video! I’m curious what broker would you pick in terms of best competitive spread and commission?
Comment from : Desmond Toh

What are good brokers for scalping?
Comment from : Supergecko8

Hulio Dos Santos
Etienne do you also have the problem that Oanda only has data history for a few months?
Comment from : Hulio Dos Santos

Raúl Vielba
You cant's withdraw with other method that you have used to put the money in.
That's what i left oanda, now IcMakerts

Comment from : Raúl Vielba

Hi Etienne great video as always. What is your thought on Darwinex broker?
Comment from : certicex1981

Great vid !
I'm trying to figure out if I should go with FXCM or Oanda.

Comment from : brogen100

Pure Trading
Thanks Etienne. With Oanda we get to use Trading view for free? Is the version of tradinging view they offer the same as the paid version ? When you have a chance please cover Hotforex, IC markets and Dukas Copy here in Switzerland... as usual great stuff my friend.
Comment from : Pure Trading

Bruce Smith
Thanks E great topic, there are a lot of bad brokers ripping people off out there.
Comment from : Bruce Smith

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