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Как попасть в закрытый форум мастерфорекс MPEG4
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5-Minute Crafts
So, what was your prank of the Day? 🏆
Check these best ideas from video:
00:09 Colorful prank idea
00:47 Towel sloth
02:08 Scary prank
03:07 Prank with a phone
06:02 Cool games for a party
These tips may also be useful youtu.be/EFJu7JpaoKE

Comment from : 5-Minute Crafts

Joao Paulo Santos
vira isso ao contrário
Comment from : Joao Paulo Santos

stacy ng
I just love watching pranks😝😝😝😝#
Comment from : stacy ng

Jewel Horn
2:08 was in the halloween vid
Comment from : Jewel Horn

Dania Alvarado
Hos do you cover yourdelf with tape thats cool🤗
Comment from : Dania Alvarado

Dania Alvarado
U taped your head!!!
Comment from : Dania Alvarado

Banana The Joe
Nicer Video guckt euch auch meine Seite.der einzigwahre Banen Joe
Comment from : Banana The Joe

John Viking
I don’t have friends😞
Comment from : John Viking

Emiko Yesaki
I can't be the only on who thinks cutting a SEWING PIN then glueing it onto your FINGER is a bad, no TERRIBLE idea?
Comment from : Emiko Yesaki

It’s just Ray Ray here
This sucks
Comment from : It’s just Ray Ray here

Swaggy Sara
This is trash. You are trash. 5-Minute crafts is trash. TRASH I Say. What is the point of this? It isn’t even scary? You are useless.
Comment from : Swaggy Sara

Chitra ராசு
It's awesome
Comment from : Chitra ராசு

Mario Divina
Comment from : Mario Divina

Avram Maria
Comment from : Avram Maria

Azzy ThePup
Top right corner the girl reminds me of Kristy from Big Brother

Comment from : Azzy ThePup

Jared Torbett
Well that's 10:18 I'll never get back
Comment from : Jared Torbett

Menahil Faisal
Do u freeze this or not plz tell
Comment from : Menahil Faisal

Amit Sinha
How many words we have to do to make a colour fee Indians can buy it from our market only
Comment from : Amit Sinha

{Wœlfy Küñ}ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔ
Ugh the second one, no on would fall for that!
Comment from : {Wœlfy Küñ}ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔ

The three 'mouse cat ears'
They use the same crafts
Comment from : The three 'mouse cat ears'

Amelia Hicks
0:47 how is that a prank?
Comment from : Amelia Hicks


Kawaii_ pancakes_Xo
This is a legit Copy if the video I watched before this one😬
Comment from : Kawaii_ pancakes_Xo

sra. Pikachu
tem Br aqui? se sim mano o cara colou o alfinete no dedo com cola quente e depois para tirar como o cara vai tirar edit: e tava quente '-'
Comment from : sra. Pikachu

Francisco Duka
A few of the hacks i was watching they were in a nother video!!!!! :<
Comment from : Francisco Duka

the slavedriver
Why do they keep repeating the hacks in other videos?? Like we already know like almost all.
Comment from : the slavedriver

علي الكربلائي
Comment from : علي الكربلائي

Tanja Taylor
I do it ever bay
Comment from : Tanja Taylor

London Edwards
1:06 when I see something like that I won’t scream and run away I will gasp and look at it so I can see what it looks like I just don’t scream for some reason I’m not scared of anything (I’m lying) BUT when I see a spider I will run OKAY?! 👌Alright.
Comment from : London Edwards

Kaapo Rajala
Like jos oot suomalaine. Suomi finland kantele makkara sauna
Comment from : Kaapo Rajala

Dohyung Lee
Sees thumbnail

I just want to prank him/her not glue his/her mouth shut forever.

Comment from : Dohyung Lee

Angela Sartori
The pin thing looks fake cuz its long
Comment from : Angela Sartori

Simon Leslie
Mines sloth lowl
Comment from : Simon Leslie

ιeber Đelbor Ən Kanaky
Comment from : ιeber Đelbor Ən Kanaky

It’s Safa
Thumbnail:Oreo in glue


Comment from : It’s Safa

it's game time
1like equals how many times they posted the same video but with different names

Me: looks at thumbnail

Me: watches video

Me: radges and yells I knew they wouldn't have put hot glue in a Oreo let's get Robby in here

Comment from : it's game time

baked potato
I have two words for you! TRY. HARDER.
Comment from : baked potato

Debalina Dutta
This stuff is dangerous
Comment from : Debalina Dutta

Maday Rodriguez
I love your videos please do more
Comment from : Maday Rodriguez

Maday Rodriguez
Do more
Comment from : Maday Rodriguez

Cherry Pepsi
You do the same thing again and again Because you have nothing else better to do and your bord plus you do the same thing again and again cus you did to much in one video
Comment from : Cherry Pepsi

Geoffrey Sprigle
Silly people for the one minute to get a nut one all you have to do is flip over the glass simple😏
Comment from : Geoffrey Sprigle

Maya can do Animation
That phone "prank" made my friend's phone break now I need to pay lots of money 😠
Comment from : Maya can do Animation

Sydney Charter
Need a gift? Look here: www.etsy.com/shop/wishtreecandles
Comment from : Sydney Charter

NiyhaLove 78
Good job 👏👍🏻😍😘❤️😍
Comment from : NiyhaLove 78

Troy Clement
I hate all your videos
Comment from : Troy Clement

Araceli Reyes
Comment from : Araceli Reyes

Teresa Jones
Thes hacks are funny and one of them are scery thanks.😃😀😂😱😛
Comment from : Teresa Jones

zoe iva
Erunjo,mtgurdec ji
Comment from : zoe iva

Sports are cool
4:11 they don’t even split the nail because they pre-cut it
Comment from : Sports are cool

Abhay K
I tried the prank showed at 2:15
My friend was so scared that she never ever again dressed herself in front of my mirror
Thanks for the video,😘

Comment from : Abhay K

Game Stories
Who wants to ruin their IPhone's screen by pasting screws and glasses? Not Me Probably.
Like If you love your IPhone

Comment from : Game Stories

Neeraj Mishra
I ws knew it that first we have to put water and then take it out because i saw there are water bottle also and we have to use it
Comment from : Neeraj Mishra

Fun ways to Save the environment
It’s not April fools but I’m watching it anyway
Comment from : Fun ways to Save the environment

Prabha Pranjale
Comment from : Prabha Pranjale

sundar shobha family Preetha ammu
Why you are putting old videos
Comment from : sundar shobha family Preetha ammu

Nirmala Rana
Comment from : Nirmala Rana

نور نور
Comment from : نور نور

In the last couple tricks how do u do then without anyone seeing the rope and not making It so obvious
Comment from : abubakar0303

anjana Zende
The chair one fun was fantastic
Comment from : anjana Zende

Nora Jimenez
A am a kid so I am going to do it to myself
Comment from : Nora Jimenez

Nora Jimenez
A am a kid so I am going to do it to myself
Comment from : Nora Jimenez

Nora Jimenez
A am a kid so I am going to do it to myself
Comment from : Nora Jimenez

Shayna McCain
Comment from : Shayna McCain

Happy Islam
Comment from : Happy Islam

s kum
Who does not have gelatin
Comment from : s kum

Threelly AI
Watch a 30 mins video in 3 mins. The BEST extension in google chrome store. chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/threelly-ai-for-youtube/dfohlnjmjiipcppekkbhbabjbnikkibo
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Comment from : Threelly AI

Nono Joko
Comment from : Nono Joko

Hajra Choudhary
Useful hacks✌️🤗😊
Comment from : Hajra Choudhary

pratima raval
Kids don't see the thumbnail...
Comment from : pratima raval

Comment from : SoggyPotatoLord

Deepti Mankala
1:56... This was a Halloween prank!!
Comment from : Deepti Mankala

Fatima Nur
But hot glue is definitely hot,then how can you put it on your nail. Guess you need to be brave
Comment from : Fatima Nur

inshirah nadeem
Very old video
Comment from : inshirah nadeem

Martin Paul
1st one is not at all a April fool hack and the wrapping the body is means to Halloween🎃👻🍬 if all like give me a like. I am not forcing
Comment from : Martin Paul

Vidya Shivakumar
Please no more old
Comment from : Vidya Shivakumar

Misha Eiannah Ampong
Wow its so cool
And I like it

Comment from : Misha Eiannah Ampong

Misha Eiannah Ampong
Comment from : Misha Eiannah Ampong

Widya Lukman
Comment from : Widya Lukman

Luis Villegas
No one will get so scared that they will throw their phone
Comment from : Luis Villegas

Euhanna Gorospe
old videos with different title
ughh so rude
can you just post a new video not the old ones?

Comment from : Euhanna Gorospe

Farhan Bogor
Kreatif banget😂😂
Comment from : Farhan Bogor

Princess Laisaa
2:49 Putting glue gan to your nails and finger oh no this 5 minute crafts is weird
Comment from : Princess Laisaa

Priyanka priyanka
Comment from : Priyanka priyanka

Fashitah Shulamite Lamoste
Why am I even watching this. I dont even have friends
Comment from : Fashitah Shulamite Lamoste

2:06 oh my god😱
Comment from : UKASHA SIDDIQI

Ahmedkhan Kingkhan
Why you post same video with other name
Comment from : Ahmedkhan Kingkhan

Tyler Tuft
Ya put hot glue in an oreo so your friend will eat it and die yay April death
Comment from : Tyler Tuft

Qossal Hasan
Thol banget pake air THol
Comment from : Qossal Hasan

Tb Ubaidillah
Comment from : Tb Ubaidillah

Ha I did this one 4:36
Comment from : Stadia

Vanessa Latham
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 to funny
Comment from : Vanessa Latham

Løbïńhä čhäń
Vcs estão copiando todos os vídeos q o trom trom pt faz nunca mais vou assistir seu canal nota 0 😝😝
Comment from : Løbïńhä čhäń

snchz fm
Happy aprils fools day
Comment from : snchz fm

FruityTootie 21
I got copyrighted on this video
Comment from : FruityTootie 21

Jack Osborn
I love you so much and I got a friend
Comment from : Jack Osborn

Shubham Pitale

Comment from : Shubham Pitale

2:25 thats not even funny, that would litarly give someone a trauma
Comment from : Scarcat

My art teacher was making that kind of fish
Comment from : DONALD CANNON

johnrey evangelista
hate your vids
Comment from : johnrey evangelista

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