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Курс долара на 6.03.2012г MPEG4
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Global Investor
Oanda stinks and Traderway has alot of bad reviews if you decide to withdraw your profits. I hear FXChoice in Belize is good. Im trying them out now, made profit on my first day trading.
Comment from : Global Investor

Leland Batiste
since it has been a while since you've made this. Has Tradersway given you any withdrawal problems? Its only via vload now and that scares me. The only reason I have Traders Way is for US leverage but im starting to wonder if its worth the risk.
Comment from : Leland Batiste

Melissa Cardoso
This is important because remember that even though we often call these levels, they are in fact areas or zones. What if in this example the real support level was 20 pips lower? Now we have a bullish pin bar that looks great, but it isn’t actually testing a key level.
Comment from : Melissa Cardoso

Stephen Innes
OANDA has one of the most inconsistent pricing models in the business, often generating massive spikes a the top and bottom of critical market events. They now B book around 50 % + of their client flow, so it is in their interest that customers lose. Hence the reason why they maintain a rediculous spread of 1.3 avg on the Euro as the spread is a huge factor in B booking risk. The interbank market trades at .1 so OANDA can pocket a lot of spread. Their second by second interest rate is quite frankly stupid. as it breaks with market convention but does offer up arbitrage opportunities on extended TRY holiday. Forex trading is all about crossing the spread so its best to deal with a low spread broker. The widespread and silly higher swap fees are designed to push clients TCA up and put money in OANDA pockets which is all about rigging the mousetrap. And BTW I ’m the former head of trading Asia for OANDA in Asia, just telling it like it is.!
Comment from : Stephen Innes

Try Yourself
good Brocker trade Bonus 100% coinexx.com/deposit_bonus?franchiseLead=MzkwNzc3
Comment from : Try Yourself

Salome Kiiru
$10 to $20 a day? that's crazy
Comment from : Salome Kiiru

stay away from wise banc and their associate
Comment from : 03071976

Hussein Le sage
Hi text this broker

Comment from : Hussein Le sage

To learn is the best way to improve the life of people. After seeing what you post, I think I could be a billionaire someday. Nice to meet you.
Comment from : WikiFX APP

travis klocek
At least look at this before passing by. You can trade a lot more than just forex and won't give you an uncomfortable feeling when you go to make a withdraw by leaving you basically in the dark if its going through or not they e-mail you right away with what's going on. Nice spreads, low on downtime which I found out the hard way missing data can through you off a quite a bit on you're TA sometimes. www.jafx.com/?link_id=hoipm19381&referral_id=0056621
Comment from : travis klocek

Currency teen
Hey bro just found you channel can you send me your Instagram so i can chat with you thanks
Comment from : Currency teen

My Movie Clips
Is IQ Option okay?
Comment from : My Movie Clips

Jesse Wayne
Can I use the 1-1000 leverage in the US?
Comment from : Jesse Wayne

Top Binary Options Brokers
Can u hlp me? I want best forex broker. .........This is good or bad? (www.expertoptionbroker. com)
Comment from : Top Binary Options Brokers

Patricia Collins
Thank you Mr Scott, now i see the reason why everyone is spreading your name on every blog and media, calling you a trade god, i wish every trader can be so nice and kind like you, thank you sir for sharing your great strategy with me, i just made my first $15k within the first week of trading with your strategy, Am grateful sir.
Comment from : Patricia Collins

Steven Bialey
Such an intriguing video, let me use this opportunity to share my experience with my fellow traders. I am presently a million dollar rich, still trading and earning. I attained this heights with Mrs Rachel  as my expert trader. I have worked with Mrs Rachel for a year using her superior expertise she has brought the money to me. Mrs Rachel is open to all and is in the business of guaranteed trading for commission. Its about time to get those losses back.  rachelbrookemonique@gmail.com   OR  Whatsapp : +14422433874
Comment from : Steven Bialey

muttaqina sanzida
Honesty is the best policy in every sites of life. So I prefer the regulated broker for my Forex business. Without a trusted broker you will always feel unsafe. Because in Forex market day by day the scam brokers are increasing rapidly. I choose that’s why Forex4you who is a scam free and highly regulated trading broker. They give all types of funds security including wide range of deposit bonus and trading indicators.
Comment from : muttaqina sanzida

ahsanullah shanto
ECN brokers mainly offer high leverage to their accounts and that’s why they are in the centre of focusing of their traders indeed. Now I am mentioning Trade12 broker and the broker is reputed among their traders because they allow traders with flexible high leverage up to 1:400, no small deposit bonus and narrow trading spread.
Comment from : ahsanullah shanto

Nathan Bourgeois
When you sign up for OANDA live & make an account, what is the maximum leverage? Is it 1:50?
Comment from : Nathan Bourgeois

Triton Music
Thank you. Very helpful .
Comment from : Triton Music

Naz Curaj
I suggest go to google check Oanda reviews and you will see it has very bad reviews so stay away from this broker !!!!
Comment from : Naz Curaj

Mark Arthur
Very helpful thanks
Comment from : Mark Arthur

Ahsan Habib
I’ve used Elite Trader App before individually. But it does not seem to be a profitable program to me. A friend of mine he is also an expert trader. He suggested me expertoption. I am using this product since 3 weeks and i am getting good profit. expertoption always provide me right time signal to buy or sell. It's a great program for newbie trader. Also there is good option for trading. You can check it by visiting expertoption official site expertoptions.pw/Video
Comment from : Ahsan Habib

Maher Zain's Fan
I want to start forex and I want to start but where do open an account? I have demo M4
Comment from : Maher Zain's Fan

Kevin Thomas
Tradersway has a terrible reputation from what I've seen here on YT
Comment from : Kevin Thomas

Roland Shields
With oanda what is the withdrawal limit??
Comment from : Roland Shields

Good video man!
Comment from : Bob

Burgundy Llama
What exactly are the commission if you choose that option?
Comment from : Burgundy Llama

Abdo Mdz
Nice video nice comments but I can only trust Exness on trading Forex after 3 years with no problems www.exness.com/a/t3rrn3rr
Comment from : Abdo Mdz

Milaad Rohi
Do you need to be a resident of a certain countries to open accounts? Can you open an account if you are a citizen of Turkey?
Comment from : Milaad Rohi

Jibon Ali
Forex4you is the only brokers who really don’t restrict any kinds of trading platforms to their traders. So I select them to trade comfortably. With them I have different platforms like- desktop, Web terminal, mobile phone platform and lastly MT4 platform. All these are very useful and any one can trade with this broker by using any of this platforms. The most popular platform among them is MT4 for its easy working process.
Comment from : Jibon Ali

Reel Heel
Ive heard that Tradersway makes it difficult to withdraw funds. Have you had any problems with this?
Comment from : Reel Heel

Steven Rogge
Is it possible to go into the negative by blowing out your account and owing the broker a lot of money or do they have stops to prevent that?

Comment from : Steven Rogge

Eric langat
i opened my oanda account and i decided to deposit 20 buck to just test it out but the mt4 system keeps saying that i have inssuffient funds
Comment from : Eric langat

Eric langat
what about withdrawals from oanda how is the process
Comment from : Eric langat

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